Monday, April 20, 2015

Why Do I Blog?

I blog because I have SO many ideas crammed in my brain. I want people to see all the cool stuff I see. I love sharing my ideas with other people! I blog because it's a hobby! I love writing. Stories, poems, newspaper, blogs! I love it all. I blog because I want girls to read my ideas. I want them to be inspired by my posts! I know girls can do great things. :)

Do you love blogging? Want to become a blogger? All you need is a Google account! Sign up. Then, come back to my blog and message me (the box is on the right)! I'd love some new authors. I know you all have great ideas waiting to be shared. Think you have a friend who loves to write or blog? Just tell them about my blog! Give 'em the link! I hope to be getting requests soon!

~ Love Amira :)

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