Monday, April 20, 2015

How To Keep Your Room Clean

Aah. That nice little chore where your mom comes in and says, "No friends over until this room is clean!" So awesome, riiiight? Well after you read this post, your mom will be encountering a BIG surprise the next time she opens your bedroom door!!!

As you know, I just got my own room! :3 SO HAPPY!!!!

But, I have to keep it clean. Aah.

I have some tips on how to do JUST THAT!!!

1. Try to put things away when you take them out. Yeah, yeah, I know, you learned this in preschool, but it can really help when you don't feel like putting things away!

2. As soon as it starts getting messy, start to clean it up. Would you rather have a big mess to clean, or just some pens and socks and books here and there?

3. Pay your sibling or friend to clean it for you, you sneaky little devil.

4. Organize yourself. Have bins and compartments for different things, and label them.

5. Make cleaning fun! Impossible, you say? NOT! Ask your bestie if she can come over and help you. Hey, you're besties! If she asked you to do something like that, you'd do it! If she/he can't come over, just pump up the music, and dance your way through it, honey! No music? Grab three bowls. Fill them with your three different snacks. Put the three different snacks in each corner of the room. Each time you pass by the bowl take one of whatever you put in there! While you clean, you enjoy some snack time!!!

I hope my tips help. Have tips? The comments are awaiting...

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