Thursday, April 30, 2015

Summer Eleven

Summer Eleven is one of my most FAVORITE movies of ALL time. Correction, it IS my favorite movie. Made in 2011, it's about 4 girls in a summer before 6th grade. They're nervous and have to deal with some things like homelessness, a brother away at war (though no war scenes are shown), a divorced mom with a new boyfriend, and a girl who yearns to follow her acting dreams. It's heart-wearming, and touching. I think it's GREAT for any sleepover or movie night. I actually plan on watching the movie with my bestie when she comes over. I love the movie and I give it a 9/10. The only reason it got one less a point is because I wanted a Summer Twelve!!!!!!!!!!! Summer Eleven is on Netflix and I'm pretty sure it's on Hulu, but I have Netflix so I dunno... I'm sure you can find the full movie on YouTube too, please check the movie out!!!! <3333

Here is the trailer to give you a sneak peak. :)

Monday, April 20, 2015

How To Keep Your Room Clean

Aah. That nice little chore where your mom comes in and says, "No friends over until this room is clean!" So awesome, riiiight? Well after you read this post, your mom will be encountering a BIG surprise the next time she opens your bedroom door!!!

As you know, I just got my own room! :3 SO HAPPY!!!!

But, I have to keep it clean. Aah.

I have some tips on how to do JUST THAT!!!

1. Try to put things away when you take them out. Yeah, yeah, I know, you learned this in preschool, but it can really help when you don't feel like putting things away!

2. As soon as it starts getting messy, start to clean it up. Would you rather have a big mess to clean, or just some pens and socks and books here and there?

3. Pay your sibling or friend to clean it for you, you sneaky little devil.

4. Organize yourself. Have bins and compartments for different things, and label them.

5. Make cleaning fun! Impossible, you say? NOT! Ask your bestie if she can come over and help you. Hey, you're besties! If she asked you to do something like that, you'd do it! If she/he can't come over, just pump up the music, and dance your way through it, honey! No music? Grab three bowls. Fill them with your three different snacks. Put the three different snacks in each corner of the room. Each time you pass by the bowl take one of whatever you put in there! While you clean, you enjoy some snack time!!!

I hope my tips help. Have tips? The comments are awaiting...

Why Do I Blog?

I blog because I have SO many ideas crammed in my brain. I want people to see all the cool stuff I see. I love sharing my ideas with other people! I blog because it's a hobby! I love writing. Stories, poems, newspaper, blogs! I love it all. I blog because I want girls to read my ideas. I want them to be inspired by my posts! I know girls can do great things. :)

Do you love blogging? Want to become a blogger? All you need is a Google account! Sign up. Then, come back to my blog and message me (the box is on the right)! I'd love some new authors. I know you all have great ideas waiting to be shared. Think you have a friend who loves to write or blog? Just tell them about my blog! Give 'em the link! I hope to be getting requests soon!

~ Love Amira :)


Okay, sorry guys, I've just been struggling with topics to write about!!! ):

So basically, today's topic is MAKEUP. Some of you wear it. Some of you don't. In my opinion, it's all about what your parents let you wear, your school policy, and most important, what YOUR comfortable wearing.

I know lots of girls are really young and stress on blush and concealer and what??!!! How old are you??!!!

I only wear some lip gloss or chapstick, and maybe a light lip tint. I use moisturizer and oil (not perfume). Sometimes I curl my eyelashes and bat them at myself in the mirror (yeah, I'm just awesome like that.) That's about it! I keep it simple. If I do ever wear eyeshadow at some fancy event, it's super natural colors, like brown and dark green.

Don't let anyone pressure you into wearing makeup. If you're not ready, you're not ready!

Lots of girls just wear makeup for boys. Tip: Don't do things like that for other people! Boys will like you if they like you. It's like putting a Lady Gaga mask on and shouting, "I'M LADY GAGA!" Everyone will think it's Lady Gaga, but won't know the person underneath. 

Miyah Adams gives advice for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade makeup. I like her ideas on what each grade should wear.

Please leave your makeup tips, ideas, and experiences in the comments BELOW!!! BYE!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I had lost internet, as you know, but I'm BACK!!!! I hate losing internet........AGH!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Haven't Been Posting!!!!

Once again, I'm on another weird nonposting streak........

I LOST internet!!!! But GOOD news!!!! I MOVED!!!!!!! I finally have my own room!!!!! And when we get the modem back on (I am using a complimentary hour-trial from Xfinity, so shout out to them!), I will write as much as I possibly can!!!!!!!!