Monday, March 16, 2015

Routines (and Stuff!!!)

Okay, we all know routines are the easiest things in the world. If you already know about this routine stuff, HELP MEEEE!!! Give your advice in the COMMENTS!!!!

Now, lets begin. First off, you would want an alarm. Normally, I go to bed around 10:00pm. Which isn't very good if you want to wake up around 8:02am. My suggestion: Get an alarm clock. I use my phone, which to me, is much less complicated. (#gotechnology!!!!) You can set an alarm for anything! When to go to sleep. When to wake up. If you have something important to do, like a Girls Day Out, you can set an alarm for that too! Alarm's are awesome, because they remind you when to do something. Usually, alarm's are already built into the phone or tablet, but if not, you can always download.

Next, we have a Calender. A calendar is where you schedule anything you have to do for the month. I think it's better to plan ahead, so you're not rushing around when it's time. Lets say you had a doctor appointment on March 18th. You would write Doctor's Appointment. Then you would write the time, and if you want, the address. Optionally, you can add an alarm or notification for that day. EASY PEASY!!!!

Okay, now it's time for the Scheduler. I personally use Fly Helper, which is AWESOME for me. Download it in the Google Play store today!!! It's free, don't worry. If you prefer a different scheduler app, or want to make your own on pen and paper, that is TOTES fine. Now, follow the directions of the app, and you can make Meal Plans, Day Plans, Routines, and Tasks. The difference between routines and tasks are: routines are something you do every day. Normally, they don't change. There's Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. A task is something that rapidly change. A task for Monday might be do the laundry while a task for Tuesday might be do some groceries.

On my app, Fly Helper, I have a section called Zones. This is where you can set different parts of the house (attic, closet, your bedroom), and have different parts to clean. The title would be My Bedroom. And you would have little sections underneath saying Dust under the bed or Organize the bookshelf. You could do any of these tasks on whichever day you wanted! And you could check your tasks, your routines, or your zones off whenever you were finished.

NOTE: DO NOT PLAN OUT YOUR LIFE!!! I know some people get carried away with this scheduling thing and try to map out everything they think will happen. It is SO not good to do that. On some days, it's good to just take that alarm off, and ignore the routines. Routines can be helpful, but you don't want every day being robotic. Wake up. School. Eat. Sleep. Wake up. School. Eat. Sleep. No!!! Every day should have a spontaneous leap to it, that makes that day unique. 

I hope you enjoyed my post!!! Have fun scheduling!!!!


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