Saturday, January 31, 2015

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez?

Have you heard the recent news about Selena and Justin? Did you hear she's into Zedd now? Who do you think deserves poor Selena, Justin or Zedd? Comment below, or use the poll!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Nom Nom Smoothie!!!

Okay, I know it's not winter and it's not "The Season of Smoothies" but I drink smoothies all year round, cause they're delicious!

I'd like to share with you this DELICIOUS recipe that my mom always makes...

What You'll Need:

Milk (any kind)
4 Strawberries

How You Make It:

First, cut up your strawberries. Do not leave the green leaves on the strawberry! It won't taste too good!!!! Next, dump your strawberries into the blender and throw in your 1 cup and a quarter of milk. Lastly, add 1 tablespoon of honey. Now blend your mix. What do you get??? A delicious strawberry-and-milk smoothie! It's great to share with your girl friends. You'll get 3 normal, small cups of smoothie from this recipe.

P.S. You would call this a milkshake right?

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Are you a poet fan, like me? Do you like reading poetry, like me? Then check these wonderful poets! On Google+, check out Poetry To My Ears. She's also on Twitter. Follow her @poetrytomyears. Another poetry person is is tHE tERRY tREE. You can follow her on Google, at The Terry Tree, or check out her Twitter, @theterrytree. Please follow these wonderful poets, and comment! :)

Beauty..........Or Not?

So, I was watching this TV ad about Cindy Crawford, "the most beautiful woman in the world." They say they've been wondering and dying to know what in the world Cindy uses! Then they finally figured it out. (I forgot the time of it, lol.)
Now I'M wondering, is that really beauty? I mean, think about it for a second. All that makeup covering up your face, but when you take it all off, it's still your good ol' face! What's the use, if it's not really you? Your basically just putting stuff on your face, but you don't really look like that.
Some of the women on the TV said, "I want to look exactly like Cindy, and I NEED to know what she uses."
See, that's the thing. WHY do you want to look like someone else when someone else is already taken? There's only you to be, so be it at your best!

And another thing about "beauty." Someone could be jawdropping on the outside, but when you get to know them, their attitude could be just pure STANK! Sometimes being really pretty and people saying, "OMG, I wish I could look just like her," makes people vain. They may think their better than everyone because of the beauty, which normally ISN'T their beauty, it's makeup. Now, this isn't always true, but in most cases, it is.
But don't get me twisted, beauty can be very important and you DO have to take care of your face. It's also OK to wear a tad bit of makeup.

But those movie stars slather that stuff on like it's nothin'................

Friday, January 9, 2015

Snow Or No?

I literally JUST got some snow a couple of days ago. My mom was like, "Wake up! It's snowing!". I was like *major gasp* *long stare* *shriek* *runs to window*
Did YOU get any snow yet? How did YOU react? (Hopefully not as crazy as me! lol!!!).

Snow Song, sang to the tune "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

Snow, snow, where does ye blow?
All around the world
Slowly but surely
Being swirly
You won't stay for too long!

:D OMG. Just got the greatest idea. Oh of the kay, I'm not gonna spill it yet!!! :D

Saturday, January 3, 2015


It is OFFICIALLY 2015!!!!!!!!!
What did you and your family do for New Years?