Monday, December 22, 2014

Irrelevant (Or Not) Questions

Have you ever heard someone ask these questions? Or maybe you've asked them yourself!

Why is the grass green?
Why does the sun shine?
What makes rainbows?
Why do I have nails?
How do birds know how to make their nests?

Some of you may find these questions irrelevant, but they really aren't! If you know what relevant means, you'll know what irrelevant means! Has your teacher ever told you or someone in your class, "That subject is off topic and irrelevant." It just means unnecessary. Not needed.

These questions AREN'T irrelevant! People who ask things like this are very inquisitive. That means you ask a lot of questions. When you're inquisitive, you're usually born with that curiosity. You can't change who you are, so don't try! It just won't feel....YOU.
This might annoy your parents a little, but try not to ask too many questions. Plus, you can always spread it out. Ask Uncle Jimmy one question, then Aunt Sarah, and Mom, or Grandma! Remember, never think of yourself as an annoying pest, because your not!

The saying, "curiosity killed the cat," can be true, but sometimes it's not. Curiosity is what inspired the human race to spiral upward. Without it, we wouldn't have telephones, computers, or any other inventions. People like Alexander Grahm Bell were curious. Curious to see what mixing with what would make what!

But it can get bad when something like this happens:

You see a big fat DANGER. DO NOT ENTER sign on a door. But you're so curious you enter anyway. 

If something is dangerous, stay away, no matter how curious you are. It may not kill you, but it could hurt you. I know, it's not easy to say, No brain. You're not going to urge me to go in there. But you have to train. Stomp away, run away, or just do something to get your mind off of it!

Questions are good. There's no such thing as a good or bad one. Each deserves to be answered, but remember every answer may not be right. And sometimes, you have to find your answer on your own. 

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