Monday, August 4, 2014

What To Bring on A Nature Walk

I think we all want to step out into the forest for a little while, right? That's what I'm doing today!

Here are some things you should bring with you:

1. Small first aid-kit. I got mines from Target. Inside I have: chap stick, lotion, wipes, bandages, and some other things. You never know what might happen!

2. Friends, a compous, and some pocket change. Bring friends so you'll always have company! A compous, in case you get lost, and some pocket change in case you get hungry!

3. A blanket, a book, and a camera. A blanket to sit on when your legs are tired from walking. A camera to record and take pictures of great moments, and a book to read when your taking a rest.

4. Water, and lots of it! People usually go on nature walks when its sunny. Don't get dehydrated!

Tip: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT wear bright colors in nature. Bees will think your a flower and come around you. Colors like grey, brown, black, and white are good.

Another tip: If you see a bee, don't scream and try to hit it! That will get them angry and they will try to sting you in hopes of protecting themselves. Just observe it from a safe distance, and walk past quietly and slowly.

Its important to wear bug spray when going into the forest/woods/nature. Otherwise, you'll come home with tons of bites! Try not to go into too many bushes, and look out for poison ivy. Dust your clothes out before leaving, to make sure any bugs that have tried to hitchhike, leave!

If your bringing food, don't bring anything sweet or high-scented. It will attract bees and bugs! A candy is okay, though.

I hope you enjoy your nature walk, have a good day!

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