Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Counsidence...or Not?

Oh my gosh guys!!!!!!!!! Guess what??? Recently my life has been going up and down. I began to become unorganized. So I thought, hey, I need to organize myself again. Then I wondered which came first, organizing your life and then your bedroom, or organizing your bedroom and then you life. Then I found my answer on the Weekly Horoscope at You will not believe how true it was, here's what it said! (By the way, I'm a Libra!)



Sept 23 - Oct 22

Your life has been pretty chaotic recently, babe. That’s why it’s time for some serious reorganization. Start the process with your surroundings (your bedroom) and continue on to the other facets of your life. You’ll be feeling brand new before the end of the week.

So I'm reading that in my head I'm like, WOW. So apparently I need to sort out my life first. Find your horoscope on Girl's Life:


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  1. Yes! things can get a bit hectic sometimes. keeping a calendar at hand works wonders.