Monday, August 11, 2014

Be Happy Jar

Ever have those days when your just down and out? Sad, angry, or deceived? Than this is the post for you!

To make your happy jar, all you need is:
Construction paper of any color you like
A hole puncher
Yarn or thin ribbon

All you have to do is:

First, draw a picture of a big heart. Not too big, but enough for the words "Be Happy" and maybe some small designs. Write the words Be Happy and design it! Get creative! (Remember: you have to hole punch it so the yarn/ribbon can go through. Don't draw or write anything too high up!). Now, grab your hole puncher and punch a hole in your shape. Don't make it too high up or the paper with rip. Don't make it too low or there will be a hole in your words! Then, run your thread through the hole. Tie it on the jar in a cute bow.

Whenever you feel that cringe of the dark cloud, write something that makes you feel happy and drop it in the jar. Then you can pull one out and read something you wrote a while ago! Smiles and cheers, see ya next time! :)

Here is the Be Happy jar I made! I keep it on my desk! Happy crafting!

P.S. Yay, accomplishment! My first time posting a picture of a craft I did on here! I plan to continue! :D

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