Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Kids Used to Go Through

Yesterday, I watched the two American Girl movies Kit Kittredge, and Samantha. And the day before that I watched Molly an American Girl. In Samantha's movie, children had to work.
Samantha came from the country, and went to the city with a her uncle and new aunt. Her three new friends' father had died. They came to the city at an orphanage. The women there were stern and strict. "Backs straight! NO TALKING!" they'd boomed. But that wasn't even the worst part. The oldest sister (only as big as Samantha, who was ten years old), had to go out to get a job! And THAT wasn't even the worst part. The oldest sis had went to a factory. A spinning/sewing factory. Samantha saw a little boy got his finger stuck in the needle!!!!! The man walked over and carelessly shook the sewing machine. The needle broke. The nurse took him away to take care of his finger.
That's why we should be thankful we don't have to go work. Children back then had to get usually dangerous jobs, and got very low pay in return. Especially immigrant children.

So, next time life goes unfair for you and you can't get something you want, thing of all those children back then, who died because they had to work. At the end of Samantha's movie, she made a great speech. I suggest you watch it. It's really touching. :3

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