Monday, June 16, 2014

Candy Kabobs

We all like fruit kabobs, right? Well, every once and a while I am sure we can all admit we like a bit of candy. So, instead of a fruit kabob, make a candy kabob! Great to do at birthday parties are slumber parties.

Items Needed:
Kabob sticks
Different candies that can fit onto the stick (gummy bears, Mentos fruit chews, etc.)

How To Do It:
It's easy! Just grab a kabob stick and began piling your favorite candies onto the stick. You can make a creative pattern or pile them onto the stick, making no sense at all! Then settle down to watch a movie or chat with your friends.

Just remember, this shouldn't be an everyday snack. It should be a once-in-a-while snack. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Kids Used to Go Through

Yesterday, I watched the two American Girl movies Kit Kittredge, and Samantha. And the day before that I watched Molly an American Girl. In Samantha's movie, children had to work.
Samantha came from the country, and went to the city with a her uncle and new aunt. Her three new friends' father had died. They came to the city at an orphanage. The women there were stern and strict. "Backs straight! NO TALKING!" they'd boomed. But that wasn't even the worst part. The oldest sister (only as big as Samantha, who was ten years old), had to go out to get a job! And THAT wasn't even the worst part. The oldest sis had went to a factory. A spinning/sewing factory. Samantha saw a little boy got his finger stuck in the needle!!!!! The man walked over and carelessly shook the sewing machine. The needle broke. The nurse took him away to take care of his finger.
That's why we should be thankful we don't have to go work. Children back then had to get usually dangerous jobs, and got very low pay in return. Especially immigrant children.

So, next time life goes unfair for you and you can't get something you want, thing of all those children back then, who died because they had to work. At the end of Samantha's movie, she made a great speech. I suggest you watch it. It's really touching. :3

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Looooooooooooooong Car Trip

I've posted this for my friend, who had originally given me the idea. :) 
She was on a long car trip, and was pretty uncomfortable. This gave me the idea. I have a packing list for an amusement park, but this is for a long car trip.

Packing List!

1. A small pillow, in case your back hurts or you want to rest your head
2. Things to do!!!!!!! A puzzle, video game, book, etc. You don't want to be dying of boredom.
3. Music. If you like to listen to some tunes while your sitting around, bring a music player or MP3, if you have one. If you don't, you can use the car's radio! Just bring or buy some CDs you like.
4. If your bringing animals, try to get a cage for them.
5. Play games with other people in the car, such as road trip scavenger hunt. 

Hope this helps! :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

All About Me (Me, LITERALLY ME!)

Make an All About Me folder (not poster). Each month do a paper on fave color, fave snack, etc. Put it in the folder. The next month, write another paper, and then look back at the paper you write the month before? Is everything the same? What's different? A great way to see how you change!

So this is all about me, what I like to do and stuff. Enjoy!

Favorite Color: Hot Pink and Light Blue

Favorite Snack: Chips, cotton candy, and Mentos Chewy Mints

Favorite Nut: Walnuts, salted pistachios, and chestnuts

Favorite Fruit: Apples, oranges, grapes

Favorite Food: Chinese food, pizza, fries, my mom's homemade food! ;)

I like to use the computer, go outside, go shopping, and blog!

Best Friends: Nicolette, Mackenzie, Janiyah

Fave websites: Oh my gosh I have SO many!!!,,, and those are just a COUPLE!!!

Fave Movies: Epic, Frozen, Mirror Mirror

Favorite Singer: DEFINITELY China Anne McClain, Olivia Holt would be 2nd.

Favorite Song: Go, Carry On, Rise, Just Do You, and Golden

Secret Codes

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie where the people in it have a secret code? I have, and I've created one myself! It's fun and easy.

First, get some friends or family to do the project. Or, do it yourself!

Think of what pictures should stand for what letter. Let's say...hmm, a triangle stood for P? Or the sun stands for L? 

Now, write it out on a piece of paper. If you are doing this with more than one people, you may want to make copies to give to them, until everyone memorizes it. 

Here comes the even funner part! Write letters or messages to your friends and slip it in their door, using the secret code. Then they can crack the code, to see what your saying! Even if your doing it with someone you live with, like a sibling or your mom, you can leave notes around the house, or get a letter and write your address in both places. Add a stamp. The mailman will see that its from your house and is going back to your house, so he'll deliver it to your mailbox! (Believe me, I've done this. It works! Leave it in the mail, and wait for your family member to get it). If your leaving a note, put it somewhere you know they'll find it, like in their drawer or under their pillow.

Enjoy secret coding!


Have you read the book, Frindle? I have! It's very funny, I like it. (Look for it at your local library or bookstore!)
Anyway, in the story, a boy named Nicholas creates the name Frindle. Soon he gets famous and his word spreads worldwide! Such a small thing turned into such a big thing.
Now, I'm not saying your word is guaranteed to get famous, but it could, who knows!

So, to start, think of a word you think is TOTALLY drab. I think the word chair is drab. Now, think of a new word to replace the word chair. Make sure its not too long so people can remember, and not too short so it won't sound like your saying a syllable or a consonant instead of a word. You could do something like combining two words, like:

Chair + drab = chrab. (I admit I changed the R around. You can change letters around, so it can sound just right to you!)

So grab a chrab and get started! Also, grab a pencil and paper. Get started! :)