Sunday, May 11, 2014

Your Own Holidays

Hey! Happy Mothers Day! I was just thinking, why isn't there a Children's Day? I mean like, there's a Father's and Mother's Day. No offense, I love those days. It's a time for the celebration of the mom and dad.   :3   But what about the kids? They deserve to be respected to. We bring light and happiness to the word, and show grown ups that everything isn't just seriousness. And they show us everything isn't just playing, so we all need each other! Lol.
Anyway, I think there should be a Children's Day. But until then, I will make up my own holidays. You can too! They may not be international, but their yours. Who knows? One day you can your holiday may become famous! Worth a try. :)
Anyway, to get you started, think of your favorite thing that you love so much, you think it should be celebrated. Here are my fave's:

1. Summer
2. Laptops
3. Noodles

(P.S. You can make a holiday with all your favorite things combined!)
Then, list what you think should do for your holiday. Maybe you'll.....use laptops as much as possible for one day? Or cook noodles for lunch, and make necklaces out of dried noodles! Anything you want! Get creative, try new things, and think of possibilities! You can get more ideas on traditions for your holiday by going online and checking out other holiday's and their customs.

Now, choose a date. You cannot change the date, so make sure you choose the perfect day!
Now, you need to establish it! You may have a blog (like yours truly), and you can publicize it on there! Tell friends, family, and relatives.

So what's your holiday? How'd it go? TTYL!

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