Monday, May 19, 2014

Your Own Band

Ever wanted to make a band, but don't have the instruments?

Gather up a group of friends! First, name your band. Look up names of bands on the internet for an idea, or come up with an original! Make sure everyone in your band agrees on the name. 

Now, for your "musical instruments."

Water xylophone:
Grab a couple of glass cups and fill them each with a different amount of water. One will be filled, one will be kind of full, one will be half full, one will be nearly empty, and one with be empty. Grab a spoon and lightly tap each one. Listen to the different sounds it makes! (Make this a learning experience: put the cups in order from the highest pitch to the lowest pitch.)

Oatmeal Container Drum:
To do this you will need:
1 empty cylindrical oatmeal container with plastic lid
1 sheet each yellow, orange and blue felt
1 16-inch skinny dowel, cut in half
2 wine corks (can be purchased from a craft store if you wish)
Orange twine or yarn
White craft glue
Rubber bands

How to Make It:
If it’s easily removable, take the label off of the oatmeal container. Cover the container with yellow felt using white craft glue. Cover the top of the plastic lid with white craft glue and spread some glue around the sides of the lid. Press it onto the orange felt so that the lid sticks to it. Cut the orange felt around the outside of the lid, leaving about 1-inch of a border. Press the excess felt onto the edges of the lid and secure it with rubber bands to hold it in place. Set aside to dry. To add the diagonal line decorations to the side of the drum, draw a slanted line from the top of the container down to the bottom. Press the twine in to the glue. Continue around the container, drawing diagonal lines up and down and pressing the twine in place. To make the drumsticks, you can insert the cut end of the dowel into the hole from the corkscrew. If your corks are from the craft store, use a skewer to poke a hole about halfway into the cork. Dot a bit of glue in the hole before inserting the dowel. Cover the corks in blue felt, securing the felt with white craft glue.
To finish up, remove the rubber bands from the lid and cut a thin strip of blue felt and glue it in place around the rim of the lid. Cut another strip of blue felt and glue it around the bottom of the drum. Carefully put the lid in place on top of the container. Allow everything to dry before playing with your drum. 
TIP: This drum makes a great container for small toys, markers, pencils, (or any writing utencils), or even for taking your favorite snacks with you! Simply open the lid, drop whatever inside, and walla!
(I got this craft from

Cereal Box Guitar:
All you need is an empty cereal box, a cardboard tube, big rubber bands, and duct tape.Cut a circle in the side of the cereal box and wrap rubber bands around the long way. Cut a circle in the top of the box and insert a cardboard tube as the neck of the guitar. Jam out on a recycled-material guitar!
(Again, I got this from

Paper Plate Noise Maker:
Paint the outside of a paper plate. Once the paint is dry, glue ribbon along the inside edge. Place a couple dozen beads in the center of the plate. Fold in half and glue or staple the plate closed. Then shake things up!

Now, choose who will play what instrument. Make sure it's fair! Then, come up with a good beat. There's your band! You can play for friends, family, or you neighborhood! 

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