Friday, May 30, 2014

Your Affirmation

Do you know what an affirmation is? It's telling yourself all the good things about you and the world around you. You can make your own affirmation!

First, write down good things about you, such as the following:

I am pretty (which you are!)
I'm beautiful (which you are!)
I am strong (which you are!)
I can achieve my dreams (which you can!)
I can be anything I want (which you can!)
I'm smart (which you are!)
I am kind (which you are!)

Now, write down things about the good things about the world, such as:

My sister is beautiful
The world is beautiful
My mom is beautiful
My dad is beautiful
My brother is handsome
I like my family
I like my room
I like my house
I like my friends

Put it all together, and every morning, go in front a mirror and yell these things out. "I AM pretty! I CAN achieve my dreams!" Just don't wake up the whole neighborhood! It may feel funny at first, but keep doing it, it'll feel totally UNstrange! :)

P.S. So the word is affirmation, right? You are affirming (officially telling someone, or yourself) that you ARE beautiful. You ARE smart. Your affirming it! End of the story. I'm beautiful, your beautiful, we're beautiful, that's that. :D

Check out this little girl, saying her affirmation!

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