Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yogurt Popcicles

Summer is on it's way! To give it a head start, I'm sharing with you guys this literally sweet recipe. I hope you like popcicles!

8 ounces fat-free or low-fat yogurt, flavored or plain
1 cup 100% fruit juice (orange or pineapple recommended)
4 disposable cups, 4-oz size
4 popsicle sticks (optional)

Get Cooking!
1. Mix the yogurt and juice in a bowl and stir together
2. Pour mix into small paper cups and put a popsicle stick in the middle of each. (If you do not have popsicle sticks, you can eat the mix in a cup with a spoon).
3. Place in the freezer until they turn solid, about 2 hours.

I hope you guys enjoy your yogurt popsicles!

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