Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Future

Morning! My friend Bellanina865 made this awesome poem I want to share with you. She is the author, and she hopes you like it! :) 

Poem written by Bellanina865

In the present as a child, you go through less stress
You worry about school work, fun and maybe the way how you like to dress.
Some people say that the future as an adult, has more responsibilities ahead.
Like paying bills, doing more chores but there is a good part and that’s having a later time to go to bed.
How I know? Because my parents whom are adults have told me so.
They speak to me about the different things that people have to prepare for life in the future.
While I make plans of what place Ill be in, what I plan to deal with and things I would like to pursue.
The future filled with designing, Imagination, creativity, money, expression’s, Family, and Dreams to come true.
Though some people the future is made for them,
But for me I have the ability to make my future.
My choice will be made to decide to go the left path or the Right path.
All I have to do is Just take the right steps, on which path I’m heading to but surely I will take the steps that will lead me to the right path.
Along the way there will be rocks that will be in the way but I will make sure I won’t trip over a rock because that can affect me, like cause and effect.
But for now I’m just a kid with family and friends guiding me, showing me the way keeping my eye’s open to marvelous things.
Life is like a story, you can write out your destiny or let it be written out for you but either way If you make a mistake,
all you have to do is edit it and correct it to fix your mistake; so that you don’t have no excuses why I or you couldn’t walk the right path instead of the left path.
Somewhat like “The Wizard of Oz” following the right road to lead you to the “Wizard” and in real life that “Wizard” is your teachers that will help you walk through it, that’s why they are here to help.

(Note: I couldn't get the photo Bellanina865 originally had, so I looked some up. They were all so nice, I couldn't choose one!)

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