Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Fable of Trees

So, I was pacing around yesterday, and I thought of something. A little story.
Remember, this of totally a fable, not true, made-up fiction!

Once, long, long, LONG ago, there were giants roaming the planet. But there were two races. The Backlin, and the Pollogy. These two races despised each other, and they divided the planet Earth into two sections. One belonged to the Backlin, one to the Pollogy. Now, in this time, there were no trees on the Earth. 
   One day, two Pollogy girls curiously crossed the border. Not knowing this was Backlin territory, and skipped around, playing and laughing. Two Backlin guards sounded the alarm. Minutes later, people from both races were running around like crazy. The madness began to spread, and soon the whole world was arguing and fighting. It got so bad, it became a war. In the battlefield, the giants were running, stomping on the Earth. 
   Then it all stopped. Whatever position the Backlin and Pollogy's were in was what they stayed in. The world froze. Nothing moved. Nothing blinked. 
   It stayed like this for years. The two races began to grow old. Magically, roots grew from their feet. Their bodies grew brown, ruff, and straight. Their arms grew leaves and went brown and skinny. Their heads slowly dissapeared.
   This is why trees come in so many different shapes and sizes. Some were in running positions. Some in standing, some in sitting, some in scratching. Some big, some small. Some short, some tall.

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