Friday, May 23, 2014

Stuffed Animals Fashion Show

Grab your or a siblings stuffed animals! (Make sure their not too small, and do not use finger puppets or tiny beanie toys!) 
If your using giant stuffed animals, you can use your clothes, your mom's, or your dad's! If your using regular sized stuffed animals (like a teddy bear) you can buy baby clothes for it, or use a baby sis/bro clothes if you have one!

If Your Buying:

Go Shopping
If your really going shopping, take along the stuffed animals your using for your fashion show. You may want to go into a store like Baby R' Us, or a store that sells kid clothes (for bigger stuff toys). Have your animal try on different outfits (with the help of you!) and accesories! Sunglasses, bracelets, and headbands all fall into this category. Cash out!

Getting Ready:
You might want to have your fashion show close to a staircase, so all your models (stuff toys AND humans) can stand on the steps and wait their turn. 
If your holding a fashion show, you will need a second person in command. Take all the lights off and keep a lamp on, or have the person shine a flashlight on you. (Note, NOT IN YOUR EYES! They can blind you). Put on your clothes, and grab your stuffed animal. Go down the catwalk like a model would, and hold out your animal so your friends and family can see. Strike poses, and smile! (You might want to have a different model for each toy.) At the end, have the second person in command come onto the fashion floor and say, "And now, all models please step onto the floor!" Then your models can each hold their stuff toy and walk onto the fashion floor, striking a pose in their spot. 
(Tip: You will want to practice where everyone will stand and what they'll do at least a day before the show).

If Your Borrowing:

If your using a sibling or parent's clothes, pretend your going shopping. Pick out different clothes you want and try them on your animal, just like you would in the store! But, these clothes are free! :) 
P.S. If your holding a show for your parents, I reccomend you buy or pick out clothes for you! You might want it to match the theme of your toys, like dressy, sporty, or casual.

Taking Pics:
You will want a camera so you can take pictures of each outfit, or you can do a show for your fam! 
If your using a camera, set each stuffed toy in a nice background. You can hang up a pretty sheet on a wall, or put your animal in a pretty chair. Click! Take a pic of each animal, and send it to friends and fam, or keep it in an album! 

Enjoy your show! Smiles! :) :) :)

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