Saturday, May 17, 2014

Make an All About Me Board

Comes on in, my lovely loyal crafters!

Today we will be making an All About Me board. An All About Me board describes YOU. What do YOU like? What do YOU want?

You Will Need:
Poster board
Computer (optional)
Printer (optional)
Your style

How To Do It:

Grab your pegboard or poster board (you can find these at a craft store, like AC Moore). At the top, write All About Me. You can make it multicolored, or your favorite color!
Now, cut out your favorite images from the magazine. What describes you? Maybe it's a bright sun, a big tall tree, or a certain lip gloss. If you have a computer, you can type in your favorite characters or images and print it out, to stick on your poster board! Use your style to make your poster board beautiful. You can add drawings here and there.
When your done, hang up your poster in your room. Now you have a poster board that describes you! 

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