Saturday, May 17, 2014

Loosing and Gaining Trust

It's easy to loose someone's trust, but it's harder to gain it.
When you loose someone's trust, they feel they can no longer set you with certain obligations and responsibilities. You are then labeled in their head, untrustworthy. This is not a good name to go by. Think of Honest Abe (Abreham Lincoln). He was trusted with different responsibilities and everyone knew he was a good friend.
With friendship comes honesty and loyalty.

Loosing Your Friends Trust:
When you loose your friends trust, I'm sure you feel bummed out. Let me give an example, read your friend's secret diary. She's a little angry, but tell's you to promise not to blurt it to the whole school. You have read something very juicy and can't help but to tell it to your other friend! The other friends tells nearly the whole school! When your friend finds out, she is angry, sad, and embarrassed. So now, you have to gain your trust.
Gaining someone's trust will be hard...only if you make it hard. First, wait for your friend to cool off. Give her about a week. Then start doing nice things for her. Act normal and like your true self. After the nice things, tell her sorry. If you don't have the courage to walk up to her, give her a card. Design it with your best efforts. Or make up a poem to tell her. Maybe even a song! Do what you love to make you friend see that she's the best and your really sorry. If your a casual kind'a gal, just tell her sorry to her face. You can even make a homemade gift, or buy something from the store!
Now for the secrets. It will pass just like all the secrets and rumors do! It will probably take about a week, but something else will come up and your friend's secret will be forgotten.
Now, all you have to do is wait.

Loosing Your Parent's Trust:
In my opinion, this is the worst trust to loose. You can always get another friend, but your parents are permanent.
When you loose their trust, you might go somewhere your not supposed to, or set up a secret account. Your parents suddenly feel they cannot trust you to be alone on the internet or in a certain area outside. Now, you must gain their trust.
Make a for your room with the rules of the web, or the rules of the streets. Then, tell your parents sorry (just like how you did your friend). Parents don't hold grudges. Well, not the ones I know. They will always love you. Just keep up on your homework, chores, and stay out of bad places outdoors and on the internet. Your parents will know your ready in their own time.

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