Saturday, May 17, 2014

Don't Rush It

Many girls rush growing up. Once they hit 9 - 10, they're acting over their age. Now, some girls have acting-over-their-age naturally. Especially first child's, like me.
Let's say, your friends all have a cell phone and you don't. You'd be jealous and want one, right? Well, if your parents say no, it's no! Just stay cool and flow. You don't need a cell phone.
You see, rushing growing up and put you under a lot of stress. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with getting older, and your body changes. Yes, I said it. The topic has to come up someday.
Acting over your age and wanting things that is for older kids are just some of the things. Boys. Yes, I said it. Boys. Girls begin to pay attention to boys at sooner or later ages. Don't dwell on it! You shouldn't have a boyfriend at 10, that's way too young! You should be at least 15, but it's all about when your parents agree your ready. Just enjoy school, play with your friends (boy OR girl), and enjoy life! You don't need to worry about being in a relationship right now.
Anyway, fashion also comes into place. Girls begin to dress more "grown up." Stick with your style and age! You can check out different fashion sites that has girls your age to see what they wear. It will give you an idea on what's too "grown up" and what's too kiddie! But, it also depends on what your parents want you to wear.

I hope you liked this post! Toodles!

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