Friday, May 30, 2014

New List of Websites

Hi guys! I have a BUNCH of new websites I want to share with you! Go to the bottom of my page for some of the links.

4. (find games, vids, polls, and activities!)
11. (A fun way to watch science!)

That's it! I hope you check out these sites and like them! :3

P.S. Here's a sweet treat! Got this inspirational quotes from Girls Can't WHAT?

Your Affirmation

Do you know what an affirmation is? It's telling yourself all the good things about you and the world around you. You can make your own affirmation!

First, write down good things about you, such as the following:

I am pretty (which you are!)
I'm beautiful (which you are!)
I am strong (which you are!)
I can achieve my dreams (which you can!)
I can be anything I want (which you can!)
I'm smart (which you are!)
I am kind (which you are!)

Now, write down things about the good things about the world, such as:

My sister is beautiful
The world is beautiful
My mom is beautiful
My dad is beautiful
My brother is handsome
I like my family
I like my room
I like my house
I like my friends

Put it all together, and every morning, go in front a mirror and yell these things out. "I AM pretty! I CAN achieve my dreams!" Just don't wake up the whole neighborhood! It may feel funny at first, but keep doing it, it'll feel totally UNstrange! :)

P.S. So the word is affirmation, right? You are affirming (officially telling someone, or yourself) that you ARE beautiful. You ARE smart. Your affirming it! End of the story. I'm beautiful, your beautiful, we're beautiful, that's that. :D

Check out this little girl, saying her affirmation!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Make Your Own Flip Flops!

(Note: I got this idea from It's not mines!!!)

Duct tape.
Scotch tape.
Scissors, preferably the pointy ended kind.
Hole punch, if there are no pointy scissors.
String, ribbon, or narrow elastic.

The Making: Start with a large piece of cardboard. Put your foot on it. Put your weight on your foot and make sure you are standing up. Then, take the pencil, you can have a buddy do this for you if you can, it's easier, and draw around your foot. Make sure to keep the pencil STRAIGHT UP at all times. I cannot stress how important that is. Otherwise the shoe will not fit right. When you have done one foot, do the other, on another piece of cardboard. When you have this, cut the feet out of the cardboard. If your drawing has the end bumpy from the toes, you can smooth it out. Having done this, you have to soles of your sandals.

*Put your foot on one of the sandals. Take your pencil and put a dot near the middle of the shoe, about where flip flop straps come to. Do the same on the other side of the shoe. Then, put a dot between your big toe and the one next to it. Finally, put a dot at the heel. Then take your pointy scissors or hole punch and make a hole where each of the dots is. Next up, our lovely friend, scotch tape. Take a piece and put it between the hole and the edge of the shoe, front and back, for all of the holes except the front one.

Having done this, you can begin to attach the straps. Put your foot back on the prepared sole, and measure the string. Take two to three inches of string and put it off the side of the shoe, at the latitude of the side holes. Then unwind more string across your foot until it is comfortable, making sure that the couple inches off the side stays there. The strap should be loose, but not too loose. When you have the tightness you want, unwind another couple inches on the other side and cut. My middle strap was between five and seven inches long. Then you tie one end through the hole on one side, and put your foot back on if you took it off. Then pull the strap across to a comfortable tightness and tie it on the other side. Cut another piece of string maybe an inch longer than the first one and tie it through the front hole. Then you tie that string to the middle of the first strap. There should be several extra inches. DON'T CUT IT OFF! It will be used in the final part of the making. The last strap is simple. Cut about a ten-inch piece of string and tie it through the back hole.

Now, if you want to, you can put strips of duct tape on the bottom. I recommend it. Cardboard is very slick and can slip you up. If you put duct tape on it, it will help with the slipperiness and it helps secure the ends of the straps, as well as reinforcing the whole shoe.

Repeat from * to make the remaining shoe. To put on the shoe, you slip your foot into it like a flip flop, but then you take the back strap and wind it around your ankle once, then tie it to the extra from the front strap.

Again, from the same website, Valenta also said:

Decorating your flip-flops is a good way of showing your own style. I bet you can think up a lot of good ideas yourself! But just to get you started...

  • Wind your flip flop straps with strips of fabric or ribbon. When you get to the end, you can hot glue the ends to keep if from unravelling, or knot it around the strap. It's a good way to make them look really great, and it will stop your feet from sticking to the plastic straps.
  • Put stickers all over the flip-flops, especially the straps. They can be sparkly, plain, made in the shape of horses or stars to roses and pigs. Just see what you've got around.
  • Water balloon flip-flops! Get a pack of water balloons, plenty of them. Then, tie the balloons around the flip flop strap. When you have done the whole strap, your flip flops should have a bushy cover of balloon ends that looks flowery. The inside should still be comfortable, as the ends are on the outside. This kind of flip flop, unlike the rest of them, is waterproof. For a video of this, go to
  • Crochet around your flip flop straps. For how to do this, visit You can also use this method to crochet around headbands.
  • Use your imagination! Find scraps of tinfoil or paper or cellophane and cut shapes out of them, then hot glue or waterproof glue attach them on to your flip flops. Tie ribbon bows on the straps. You are the designer! Do what you want!   

  • Sunday, May 25, 2014

    How Much Sleep

    As you can see, the weekly poll is, "How Much Sleep do You Get?"
    As we all know, sleep is very, very important. Not getting enough can make you sick and tired all the time. You want energy to play in the day, right?
    So, to calculate how much sleep you get, what time do you go to bed? Let's say it's 8:00. OK, and what time do you wake up? Let's say it's 7:30. Here's the math:

    8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 7:30

    You'd be getting about 12 and a half hours of sleep! Awesome!
    Try to figure out how much sleep your friends and family get. Make it a challenge, by seeing who can get the answer the fastest!


    Yogurt Popcicles

    Summer is on it's way! To give it a head start, I'm sharing with you guys this literally sweet recipe. I hope you like popcicles!

    8 ounces fat-free or low-fat yogurt, flavored or plain
    1 cup 100% fruit juice (orange or pineapple recommended)
    4 disposable cups, 4-oz size
    4 popsicle sticks (optional)

    Get Cooking!
    1. Mix the yogurt and juice in a bowl and stir together
    2. Pour mix into small paper cups and put a popsicle stick in the middle of each. (If you do not have popsicle sticks, you can eat the mix in a cup with a spoon).
    3. Place in the freezer until they turn solid, about 2 hours.

    I hope you guys enjoy your yogurt popsicles!

    Saturday, May 24, 2014

    The Fable of Trees

    So, I was pacing around yesterday, and I thought of something. A little story.
    Remember, this of totally a fable, not true, made-up fiction!

    Once, long, long, LONG ago, there were giants roaming the planet. But there were two races. The Backlin, and the Pollogy. These two races despised each other, and they divided the planet Earth into two sections. One belonged to the Backlin, one to the Pollogy. Now, in this time, there were no trees on the Earth. 
       One day, two Pollogy girls curiously crossed the border. Not knowing this was Backlin territory, and skipped around, playing and laughing. Two Backlin guards sounded the alarm. Minutes later, people from both races were running around like crazy. The madness began to spread, and soon the whole world was arguing and fighting. It got so bad, it became a war. In the battlefield, the giants were running, stomping on the Earth. 
       Then it all stopped. Whatever position the Backlin and Pollogy's were in was what they stayed in. The world froze. Nothing moved. Nothing blinked. 
       It stayed like this for years. The two races began to grow old. Magically, roots grew from their feet. Their bodies grew brown, ruff, and straight. Their arms grew leaves and went brown and skinny. Their heads slowly dissapeared.
       This is why trees come in so many different shapes and sizes. Some were in running positions. Some in standing, some in sitting, some in scratching. Some big, some small. Some short, some tall.

    :) I hope you liked my story! Want your story to be published on my blog? Send it through the contact form on the right side of this post. Maybe you will be the lucky girl!

    Friday, May 23, 2014

    Stuffed Animals Fashion Show

    Grab your or a siblings stuffed animals! (Make sure their not too small, and do not use finger puppets or tiny beanie toys!) 
    If your using giant stuffed animals, you can use your clothes, your mom's, or your dad's! If your using regular sized stuffed animals (like a teddy bear) you can buy baby clothes for it, or use a baby sis/bro clothes if you have one!

    If Your Buying:

    Go Shopping
    If your really going shopping, take along the stuffed animals your using for your fashion show. You may want to go into a store like Baby R' Us, or a store that sells kid clothes (for bigger stuff toys). Have your animal try on different outfits (with the help of you!) and accesories! Sunglasses, bracelets, and headbands all fall into this category. Cash out!

    Getting Ready:
    You might want to have your fashion show close to a staircase, so all your models (stuff toys AND humans) can stand on the steps and wait their turn. 
    If your holding a fashion show, you will need a second person in command. Take all the lights off and keep a lamp on, or have the person shine a flashlight on you. (Note, NOT IN YOUR EYES! They can blind you). Put on your clothes, and grab your stuffed animal. Go down the catwalk like a model would, and hold out your animal so your friends and family can see. Strike poses, and smile! (You might want to have a different model for each toy.) At the end, have the second person in command come onto the fashion floor and say, "And now, all models please step onto the floor!" Then your models can each hold their stuff toy and walk onto the fashion floor, striking a pose in their spot. 
    (Tip: You will want to practice where everyone will stand and what they'll do at least a day before the show).

    If Your Borrowing:

    If your using a sibling or parent's clothes, pretend your going shopping. Pick out different clothes you want and try them on your animal, just like you would in the store! But, these clothes are free! :) 
    P.S. If your holding a show for your parents, I reccomend you buy or pick out clothes for you! You might want it to match the theme of your toys, like dressy, sporty, or casual.

    Taking Pics:
    You will want a camera so you can take pictures of each outfit, or you can do a show for your fam! 
    If your using a camera, set each stuffed toy in a nice background. You can hang up a pretty sheet on a wall, or put your animal in a pretty chair. Click! Take a pic of each animal, and send it to friends and fam, or keep it in an album! 

    Enjoy your show! Smiles! :) :) :)

    Having a Routine

    Ever realized your day passes by as quick as 1, 2, 3? Or that you really don't get that much done in one day?
    That's why it's good to have a schedule. Planning out your day can make it less hectic and rush-like.

    First, when do you wake up? 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, the list continues! After you do that, what do you do after you open your eyes? Make up your bed, eat breakfast, change your clothes, put them all in the order you do it.
    So that's your morning routine! My morning routine is:

    Wake up 7:20
    Eat breakfast
    Make up bed
    Change clothes
    Brush teeth
    Start school at 8:30

    Now for your bedtime routine. Choose a reasonable time to go to bed, so you can actually wake up at the time you chose! Maybe your not a morning person, like me, and bathe every night. You might want to choose some simmer-down time, to read, drink hot milk, or listen to soothing, soft music. My bedtime routine:

    Bathe at 8:00
    Put PJ's on
    Fix bed for sleep
    Get clothes out for in the morning
    Eat dinner
    Read book at 9:00 for half hour
    Go to bed at 9:30

    And it's as easy as that!

    Tuesday, May 20, 2014

    Things to Do on Rainy Days

    Don't you just despise those boring, rainy days after school, when there's nothing to do?
    (Well, we can't despise those days. It's when the plants get water!)

    Anyway, here are some things to do on a rainy day.

    1. Read a book. Some girls don't read much, so rainy days can help you butt in your reading time.
    2. Watch TV or Netflix. There's almost always something to watch!
    3. Make yourself a snack. Spruce up an old recipie or create an original! Have a snack-making contest with a sibling or friend. See who can make the best looking (and tasting) snack!
    4. Get onto the internet. Go on your favorite website. Have no ideas? Type in something like, "interesting things to do with paper." Who knows what you might find?! Just remember the rules of the web.
    5. Create a Hawaiian mood. Make a smoothie with fruits, grab some shorts and a tank top, shades and a flower necklace, and have a lei inside your house! Hula, hula!
    6. Who says when it rains you can't play outside? Go to the park, front lawn, or backyard and enjoy the rain! Splash in puddles, get a little wet, and make some mud pies! Get creative!

    So, what do you do on a rainy day?

    The Future

    Morning! My friend Bellanina865 made this awesome poem I want to share with you. She is the author, and she hopes you like it! :) 

    Poem written by Bellanina865

    In the present as a child, you go through less stress
    You worry about school work, fun and maybe the way how you like to dress.
    Some people say that the future as an adult, has more responsibilities ahead.
    Like paying bills, doing more chores but there is a good part and that’s having a later time to go to bed.
    How I know? Because my parents whom are adults have told me so.
    They speak to me about the different things that people have to prepare for life in the future.
    While I make plans of what place Ill be in, what I plan to deal with and things I would like to pursue.
    The future filled with designing, Imagination, creativity, money, expression’s, Family, and Dreams to come true.
    Though some people the future is made for them,
    But for me I have the ability to make my future.
    My choice will be made to decide to go the left path or the Right path.
    All I have to do is Just take the right steps, on which path I’m heading to but surely I will take the steps that will lead me to the right path.
    Along the way there will be rocks that will be in the way but I will make sure I won’t trip over a rock because that can affect me, like cause and effect.
    But for now I’m just a kid with family and friends guiding me, showing me the way keeping my eye’s open to marvelous things.
    Life is like a story, you can write out your destiny or let it be written out for you but either way If you make a mistake,
    all you have to do is edit it and correct it to fix your mistake; so that you don’t have no excuses why I or you couldn’t walk the right path instead of the left path.
    Somewhat like “The Wizard of Oz” following the right road to lead you to the “Wizard” and in real life that “Wizard” is your teachers that will help you walk through it, that’s why they are here to help.

    (Note: I couldn't get the photo Bellanina865 originally had, so I looked some up. They were all so nice, I couldn't choose one!)

    Monday, May 19, 2014

    Saying NO

    For some girls, it's hard to say no. They may be so nice, they don't like saying no. Or they may be so shy, they don't like saying no.

    To break out of this stage, practice saying no to a stuffed animal. Yes, it sounds stupid, but it works. Use your (or a siblings) stuffed animal, and when your alone in your room, yell, "NO!" Imagine the stuffed animal forces you to go log onto a bad site, or something you know you'd never do. Yell, "NO!" at it.
    When you grow the courage, practice with a parent or sibling. Tell your sibling/parent to tell you to do something you wouldn't want to do. Then tell them, "No!". Practice this for a while. At least once or twice a week.
    Then, do the same process to a friend. Practice this for a while, too.
    As hard work pays off, the next time someone urges you to do something you don't want to, it may come as instinct to just blurt, "No!" or you may feel so brave, you shout it out without hesitating.


    How To Spot a Bully at the Door of It

    Many girls get entangled in bully-madness because they don't see it coming from the start. Here are some tips to help you know when a bully if "befriending you."

    Let's say you have this new "friend." Here's how to spot if she/he is a bully:

    1. She/he's bossy 
    2. She/he forces you to do things you don't want to do, or know is wrong
    3. She/he treats you or other people with disrespect
    4. She/he does rude or mean things in between moments. (Example: he/she may say, "That's stupid, your picture sucks."
    5. She/he physically picks on you or other people

    For lookout number 1, some people are just naturally bossy. They think they run the world, but you can be the one to help break them out of that. When your friend bosses you around, and you don't want to do it, firmly tell her, "No." She may be surprised or get angry, but a real friend wouldn't force you to do something you don't want to. 


    Your Own Band

    Ever wanted to make a band, but don't have the instruments?

    Gather up a group of friends! First, name your band. Look up names of bands on the internet for an idea, or come up with an original! Make sure everyone in your band agrees on the name. 

    Now, for your "musical instruments."

    Water xylophone:
    Grab a couple of glass cups and fill them each with a different amount of water. One will be filled, one will be kind of full, one will be half full, one will be nearly empty, and one with be empty. Grab a spoon and lightly tap each one. Listen to the different sounds it makes! (Make this a learning experience: put the cups in order from the highest pitch to the lowest pitch.)

    Oatmeal Container Drum:
    To do this you will need:
    1 empty cylindrical oatmeal container with plastic lid
    1 sheet each yellow, orange and blue felt
    1 16-inch skinny dowel, cut in half
    2 wine corks (can be purchased from a craft store if you wish)
    Orange twine or yarn
    White craft glue
    Rubber bands

    How to Make It:
    If it’s easily removable, take the label off of the oatmeal container. Cover the container with yellow felt using white craft glue. Cover the top of the plastic lid with white craft glue and spread some glue around the sides of the lid. Press it onto the orange felt so that the lid sticks to it. Cut the orange felt around the outside of the lid, leaving about 1-inch of a border. Press the excess felt onto the edges of the lid and secure it with rubber bands to hold it in place. Set aside to dry. To add the diagonal line decorations to the side of the drum, draw a slanted line from the top of the container down to the bottom. Press the twine in to the glue. Continue around the container, drawing diagonal lines up and down and pressing the twine in place. To make the drumsticks, you can insert the cut end of the dowel into the hole from the corkscrew. If your corks are from the craft store, use a skewer to poke a hole about halfway into the cork. Dot a bit of glue in the hole before inserting the dowel. Cover the corks in blue felt, securing the felt with white craft glue.
    To finish up, remove the rubber bands from the lid and cut a thin strip of blue felt and glue it in place around the rim of the lid. Cut another strip of blue felt and glue it around the bottom of the drum. Carefully put the lid in place on top of the container. Allow everything to dry before playing with your drum. 
    TIP: This drum makes a great container for small toys, markers, pencils, (or any writing utencils), or even for taking your favorite snacks with you! Simply open the lid, drop whatever inside, and walla!
    (I got this craft from

    Cereal Box Guitar:
    All you need is an empty cereal box, a cardboard tube, big rubber bands, and duct tape.Cut a circle in the side of the cereal box and wrap rubber bands around the long way. Cut a circle in the top of the box and insert a cardboard tube as the neck of the guitar. Jam out on a recycled-material guitar!
    (Again, I got this from

    Paper Plate Noise Maker:
    Paint the outside of a paper plate. Once the paint is dry, glue ribbon along the inside edge. Place a couple dozen beads in the center of the plate. Fold in half and glue or staple the plate closed. Then shake things up!

    Now, choose who will play what instrument. Make sure it's fair! Then, come up with a good beat. There's your band! You can play for friends, family, or you neighborhood! 

    Saturday, May 17, 2014

    Make an All About Me Board

    Comes on in, my lovely loyal crafters!

    Today we will be making an All About Me board. An All About Me board describes YOU. What do YOU like? What do YOU want?

    You Will Need:
    Poster board
    Computer (optional)
    Printer (optional)
    Your style

    How To Do It:

    Grab your pegboard or poster board (you can find these at a craft store, like AC Moore). At the top, write All About Me. You can make it multicolored, or your favorite color!
    Now, cut out your favorite images from the magazine. What describes you? Maybe it's a bright sun, a big tall tree, or a certain lip gloss. If you have a computer, you can type in your favorite characters or images and print it out, to stick on your poster board! Use your style to make your poster board beautiful. You can add drawings here and there.
    When your done, hang up your poster in your room. Now you have a poster board that describes you! 

    Building Confidence

    Has something disappointing ever happened to you? Like lost a competition? Or, your teased a lot in school? Your confidence/self esteem may be pushed down.
    To boost it back up, you need to look at uplifting things. Do your favorite activities, tell your closest friend about it, and listen to positive songs. I recommend:

    1. Carry On by Olivia Holt
    2. DNA by China McClain
    3. Rise by the McClain Sisters
    4. Nothin' Gonna Stop Me Now by Olivia Holt
    5. Exceptional by China McClain
    6. Waka Waka by Shakira
    7. Roar by Katy Perry
    8. We Are the World

    P.S. If the teasing continues, tell a trusted adult immediately! 

    Lost a Friend

    There are different ways to loose a friend.
    You and your friend may get into a big fight and not become friends again. Or, your "friend" isn't out for the best for you, so you must break up. Or, your friend is bad influence.
    When you loose a friend, you may be sad. Why? She was so nice...and now we're not friends, you might think. Don't dwell on it for too long. Be sad, and then go on with your life. There are tons of people in the world to meet, tons of people in the world to greet.
    Now, when returning to school and seeing your friend, do not ignore or be mean to her. Be normal. You may have quick chat's like:
    You: "Hi!"
    Your Friend: "Oh, hi there!"
    You: "Have a good day."
    Your Friend: "Thanks, you too!"

    You won't be as close as you usually are, and it takes a while to get used to that. Like I said before, don't be sad for too long. It may start to affect your health. Do things you love to take your mind off of your loss.
    If your sadness continues, tell an adult. Write about it, and let your anger out by ripping unused paper, or punching your pillow.
    You and your friend just weren't meant to be, but you had a good run. Now move on! :)

    Loosing and Gaining Trust

    It's easy to loose someone's trust, but it's harder to gain it.
    When you loose someone's trust, they feel they can no longer set you with certain obligations and responsibilities. You are then labeled in their head, untrustworthy. This is not a good name to go by. Think of Honest Abe (Abreham Lincoln). He was trusted with different responsibilities and everyone knew he was a good friend.
    With friendship comes honesty and loyalty.

    Loosing Your Friends Trust:
    When you loose your friends trust, I'm sure you feel bummed out. Let me give an example, read your friend's secret diary. She's a little angry, but tell's you to promise not to blurt it to the whole school. You have read something very juicy and can't help but to tell it to your other friend! The other friends tells nearly the whole school! When your friend finds out, she is angry, sad, and embarrassed. So now, you have to gain your trust.
    Gaining someone's trust will be hard...only if you make it hard. First, wait for your friend to cool off. Give her about a week. Then start doing nice things for her. Act normal and like your true self. After the nice things, tell her sorry. If you don't have the courage to walk up to her, give her a card. Design it with your best efforts. Or make up a poem to tell her. Maybe even a song! Do what you love to make you friend see that she's the best and your really sorry. If your a casual kind'a gal, just tell her sorry to her face. You can even make a homemade gift, or buy something from the store!
    Now for the secrets. It will pass just like all the secrets and rumors do! It will probably take about a week, but something else will come up and your friend's secret will be forgotten.
    Now, all you have to do is wait.

    Loosing Your Parent's Trust:
    In my opinion, this is the worst trust to loose. You can always get another friend, but your parents are permanent.
    When you loose their trust, you might go somewhere your not supposed to, or set up a secret account. Your parents suddenly feel they cannot trust you to be alone on the internet or in a certain area outside. Now, you must gain their trust.
    Make a for your room with the rules of the web, or the rules of the streets. Then, tell your parents sorry (just like how you did your friend). Parents don't hold grudges. Well, not the ones I know. They will always love you. Just keep up on your homework, chores, and stay out of bad places outdoors and on the internet. Your parents will know your ready in their own time.

    TTFN! :)

    Don't Rush It

    Many girls rush growing up. Once they hit 9 - 10, they're acting over their age. Now, some girls have acting-over-their-age naturally. Especially first child's, like me.
    Let's say, your friends all have a cell phone and you don't. You'd be jealous and want one, right? Well, if your parents say no, it's no! Just stay cool and flow. You don't need a cell phone.
    You see, rushing growing up and put you under a lot of stress. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with getting older, and your body changes. Yes, I said it. The topic has to come up someday.
    Acting over your age and wanting things that is for older kids are just some of the things. Boys. Yes, I said it. Boys. Girls begin to pay attention to boys at sooner or later ages. Don't dwell on it! You shouldn't have a boyfriend at 10, that's way too young! You should be at least 15, but it's all about when your parents agree your ready. Just enjoy school, play with your friends (boy OR girl), and enjoy life! You don't need to worry about being in a relationship right now.
    Anyway, fashion also comes into place. Girls begin to dress more "grown up." Stick with your style and age! You can check out different fashion sites that has girls your age to see what they wear. It will give you an idea on what's too "grown up" and what's too kiddie! But, it also depends on what your parents want you to wear.

    I hope you liked this post! Toodles!

    Secret Accounts

    The title tells it all. Secret accounts. 

    Secret accounts are extremely dangerous, and you should NEVER have one. When you have a secret account, you sign up for a website without telling anyone, especially not your parents. This website may be harmful and inappropriate for you, which is why your parents restricted you from it!
    It's much better to ask. You won't get in trouble and you have a chance of getting a "Yes!". It's also easier because it takes the weight and stress off your shoulders. It's very stressful to know you've signed up for a website and you don't want your parents to find out. 
    There was a 10-year-old girl who signed up for Instagram and her mom never knew. Don't ever think that when you have something like a secret account, that it will stay secret. Word gets out. Either your parents find out or someone tells them. Ever heard the saying, the walls have ears? It means people are always listening, whether it's eavesdropping or just a passerby picking up on the conversation. Well, the walls have eyes too. Your parents are almost always watching. It's not easy and not good to keep secrets from them!
    Also, when they do find out about your secret account, they will be angry. They have a right to be angry. They may not trust you with using social networks or gaming sites. You will loose their trust, and will have to build it back up. It easier to break a wall than to build it. 
    Your parents are there to guide and love you! If you aren't allowed to do a certain thing on the internet, it's for your own protection! Though, sometimes parents are a little overprotective. So, that doesn't mean to sneak around and think, Well they don't know what their talking about. I can set up an account and they'll never know. No one will. All you have to do is reason with them! Sometimes you can persuade and sometimes you can't. 

    I hope you guys liked this! TTYL!

    Safe Social Networks

    G'day, my tech savvy girls!
    I hope you've read my How to Be Safe on the Web post. If not, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, click January 2014, and look for the post name. I recommend reading that before reading this post.
    Anyway, as you can see in the title, we will be talking about social networks/networking.

    Social networking is a great skill to learn. It teaches you to be safe on the web, and also socially helps you meet new friends. Downfalls to social networking is that you may get addicted to the website, and won't want to go make friends you can actually SEE. Some girls agree it's easier to make online friends, and that's cool, but never forget to get outdoors!

    Now, here are some rules of social networking you should remember and understand:

    1. Do not chat with people you don't know
    2. Do not add someone you don't know without parent permission
    3. Never invite a stranger to your house or give them your phone number, without parent permission
    4. Always ask before going onto your online network
    5. Be careful in chat rooms. If the conversation is getting inappropriate, mean, or rude, immediately leave.
    7. Do not secretly sign up for different programs, especially when you are told not to (I will discuss this topic more in another post)

    To sum it up: Always ask a parent or trusted adult about something you're unsure about online.

    Here are some safe social networks and that are secure and safe. Please ask an adult before signing up:

    ohanarama social network
    Age 5+ 
    Ohanarama is a game site designed for the whole family. Parents have the option to log in through their Facebook account or by registering. With your approval, your child can challenge other families on the website to games.
    club penguine social network
    Age 7+
    More of a game than a social network, Club Penguin introduces children to avatars in the form of penguin characters, which they can use to play games in an online community. The site has parental controls, and the chat feature filters conversations, allowing users to choose from pre-approved phrases.
    everloop social network
    Age 8+
    On Everloop, an “EverCrew” is designated to monitor and filter chats, posts, videos, and photos. Kids can join different “loops” to connect with users who share the same interests in music, movies, nature, sports, and more.

    kidzvuz social network
    Age 8+
    This site allows kids to upload and comment on videos, which can focus on reviews of books, games, TV shows, and more. A site moderator approves all videos and comments before they are posted.
    yoursphere social network
    Age 9+
    Yoursphere offers contests, rewards, games, a virtual world, and more to children under age 18. Check out Yoursphere’s sister website on safety information for parents, called
    grom social network
    Age 10+
    Grom Social is a newer social network developed by 11-year-old Zachary Markand his family. Zachary decided to create his own social network because he wasn’t old enough to join Facebook. The network also has a word filter suppressing profanity and is a bully-free zone. It requires approval for users over 16 to join. Check out the Parents’ Q&A section for more information.
    giant hello social network
    Age 10+
    This site is similar to Facebook, but kids cannot be contacted by strangers. They can only connect with real-life friends by sending a code in person or through email. GiantHello offers a variety of games, but parents should monitor the games their kids choose.
    franktown rocks social network
    Age 10+
    Franktown Rocks is a multiplayer online game that allows kids to listen to popular approved music. Users can create characters and build houses, drive cars, play games, and more.
    sweety high social network
    Age 11+
    Sweety High is a social network for girls that offers parental controls and content moderation. The site focuses on shopping, fashion, and celebrities.

    Have fun online, girls!

    Thursday, May 15, 2014

    New Gadgets

    I hope you like the new gadgets I've added! I plan to add more later on, so look out for them! :)

    Help Me with Posting

    Hi! I have good news.
    I am now excepting post requests. If you want me to post about a certain topic, leave it in comments, or email me!
    So, I'll post to you soon. Bye!

    Tuesday, May 13, 2014

    Amusement Park Packing List

    I'm going to Hersheypark next week! (Google it!)
    Hersheypark is probably the sweetest place on Earth. *sighs dreamily*.....

    Anyway! This post will be about what to pack when going to an amusement park.

    1. Bathing gear (bathing suit, towel, snorkel, etc)
    2. Chapstick
    3. Camera
    4. Lotion
    5. Sunglasses
    6. Sun visor hat(a hat that shades your face)
    7. A change of clothing (what're the odds? you'll be far away from home, with dirty clothes, no matter HOW you get it dirty)
    8. A light snack (amusement parks have snack bars and food bars, but its good to be prepared! plus, you may want a quick snack WITHOUT WAITING. I think we've all been in that hungry state...)
    9. YOURSELF! How can you pack all of this and not bring you?

    Have suggestions? Place them in the comments below!

    My 50th Post!!!

    Wow. I've made it to my 50th post! I was checking my Overview earlier today, and I had 49 posts. This makes it the 50th! I'm really proud of myself and the people around me who motivated me to keep posting. I also thank those who read my blog and leave comments! I'm surprised I've made it this far, and I plan to keep going! I hope my blog helps a lot of girls, and I hope you like my posts!

    My New Goal: To reach 100 posts!

    BFN, and keep checking back!

    Monday, May 12, 2014

    A Quick Facial

    Need a quick pick-me-upper to slap on your tired and beat face? You've come to the right post!

    You Will Need:
    1. Sugar
    2. Lotion of your preference
    3. Hardening face mask (or face clay)
    4. Warm water
    5. Face towel
    6. Timer (optional)
    7. Bowl (optional)
    8. Cloth (optional)

    How To Do It:

    First, mix the sugar and the lotion. Apply to your face, and wait 1 minute. Then wash it off. You can steam your face or apply a hardening face mask or face clay.

    If Your Steaming:

    Fill a bowl with steaming hot water (ask for help from an adult!!!!). Put your face a safe distance above the bowl, and ask an adult to put some cloth over your head, so that it covers your head and the bowl. (You may want to leave an opening, sometimes I get really steamy!)

    If Your "Masking":

    Some clay's or mask's have you mix the powder with water. If so, do it. Then apply to your face. Leave it on for five minutes, then rinse with the face towel. (Make sure you do it softly and gently!)

    There you go! Your face should be refreshed and ready to go.

    Important Note: Avoid eye area when applying any lotion's or mask's or clay's to the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sunday, May 11, 2014

    Your Own Holidays

    Hey! Happy Mothers Day! I was just thinking, why isn't there a Children's Day? I mean like, there's a Father's and Mother's Day. No offense, I love those days. It's a time for the celebration of the mom and dad.   :3   But what about the kids? They deserve to be respected to. We bring light and happiness to the word, and show grown ups that everything isn't just seriousness. And they show us everything isn't just playing, so we all need each other! Lol.
    Anyway, I think there should be a Children's Day. But until then, I will make up my own holidays. You can too! They may not be international, but their yours. Who knows? One day you can your holiday may become famous! Worth a try. :)
    Anyway, to get you started, think of your favorite thing that you love so much, you think it should be celebrated. Here are my fave's:

    1. Summer
    2. Laptops
    3. Noodles

    (P.S. You can make a holiday with all your favorite things combined!)
    Then, list what you think should do for your holiday. Maybe you'll.....use laptops as much as possible for one day? Or cook noodles for lunch, and make necklaces out of dried noodles! Anything you want! Get creative, try new things, and think of possibilities! You can get more ideas on traditions for your holiday by going online and checking out other holiday's and their customs.

    Now, choose a date. You cannot change the date, so make sure you choose the perfect day!
    Now, you need to establish it! You may have a blog (like yours truly), and you can publicize it on there! Tell friends, family, and relatives.

    So what's your holiday? How'd it go? TTYL!

    Friday, May 9, 2014


    Aspartame is a deadly chemical that they put in a lot of drinks, such as yes, your local soda. 
    Aspartame is made up of three chemicals: aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol. The book Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by James and Phyllis Balch lists aspartame under the category of "chemical poison." That's exactly what it is.
    Some side effects of consuming aspartame to much is:

    Muscle spasms 
    Weight gain
    Vision problems 
    Hearing loss 
    Heart palpitations 
    Breathing difficulties 
    Anxiety attacks 
    Slurred speech
    Loss of taste 
    Memory loss 
    Joint pain 

    As you can see, aspartame is serious business.

    MSG the Deadly

    Like ramen noodles? It tastes so good right? Exactly. But Ramen noodles aren't good for you, and I'm sure you've heard this from a lot of people. But listen to what I have to say.

    The seasoning pack that comes with the Ramen noodles contains MSG. These are the side effects of consuming MSG too regularly:

    • Headache, sometimes called MSG headache
    • Flushing
    • Sweating
    • Sense of facial pressure or tightness
    • Numbness, tingling or burning in or around the mouth
    • Rapid, fluttering heartbeats (heart palpitations)
    • Chest pain
    • Shortness of breath
    • Nausea
    • Weakness

    So putting MSG in seasoning packs should be illegal, I agree. But until that law passes, here is what you can do to make Ramen noodles and cinch healthier.

    1. Add vegetables, like peas, broccoli, and bell peppers. 
    2. Don't just eat Ramen noodles, but have other things with it, like chicken, shrimp, or vegetables.
    3. Don't consume Ramen noodles on a regular bases, with out without adding the MSG seasoning pack. Ramen noodles doesn't have any nutrition for your body, and it's not healthy to eat a lot. 
    4. Add a dash of pepper or some slices of onion

    Hope this helps! :)

    Wednesday, May 7, 2014

    Nifty Snacks

    Ever went on a long trip and got hungry in the car? Or maybe you wanted a little something to eat immediately, but that wasn't possible.
    You can make some little snacks that you can have up and ready for on-the-go adventures. I like to call them OTG (On The Go) Snacks.

    Tuna and Crackers:
    Like crackers? Like tuna? Combine them and get a delicious taste! Maybe you have a little technique you always use when mixing tuna? I like to add mayonnaise. It gives the tuna some flavor.

    Pretzels: I mean, everyone likes pretzels, right? Incorrect! Some people don't. But if you do, there are ways to make it taste even better. You can spread peanut butter and/or jelly, or put raisins on the peanut butter. You dip the pretzels in cheese or salsa. Yum!

    Nuts: Nuts are a simple snack. Easy to find, easy to get. There's not much to say about that.....

    Fruit Cups: Fruit cups taste delicious and are pretty cheap. A dollar a cup, in some stores. Just make sure you open it slowly, because they spill!

    Rice Cakes: I bet your like, what? Rice cakes? What is wrong with her? Well, actually, nothings wrong with me. Rice cakes taste better than they sound. And they actually don't have a taste. It's just crunchy kind of tastes like chips. There are different flavors, like honey rice cakes, regular rice cakes, and cheese rice cakes. Yummy! (Psst! Tip: Quaker Rice Cakes taste the best to me! Look it up!)

    Try have these foods in storage, already prepared. You can share it with a friend, or pig out by yourself!