Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Dirty Truth About....French Fries

We all love french fries. Get 'em from McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Wendy's. Everybody loves them. But these people don't know what their eating....
French fries are potatoes right? So you say, "Mom, give me french fries, their healthy because they have potatoes." Well, those potatoes are ROTTEN. Literally. McDonald's keeps their potatoes there for weeks, and then fry them and season them so they taste super good. Then you drive down the lane, buy it, and eat it. Even if the potatoes were actually fresh, the drown the fries in oil and salt. High cholesterol.

After seeing this, some of you may just keep eating french fries. Others will eat it every once in a while. And the rest of you won't eat it at all.

If you want to participate in Stopping Rotten Potato, share this with as many people as you know.

A Little Silly Story
The French Court:

Judge: Mr. Fri, Ms. Health is accusing you guilty of being ROTTEN. Is this true?
Mr. Fri fidgets in his seat.
Mr. Fri: I cannot deny the fact.
Judge: And, Ms. Health, where do you get the proof of this case that you bring to me?
Ms. Health: I am a spy at McDonald's, and I have seen the files in the manager's office. Couldn't believe my healthy eyes. I decided to see for myself. And there he was, rotten! They bathed him in salt and oil, then shoved him in a bag and sold him to passerby's who came in!
Judge: Well, Mr. Fri, you are proven guilty!


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