Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Puppeteering and Other Crafts

Ever since I watched that documentary on Netflix, I've been kind of interested in puppeteering.
Puppeteering is a career. You are the life of the puppet. :)
Even though we all know how to make sock puppets, I've been thinking about making the details more intense. This is kind of wacky, but you've gotta take baby steps to get giant steps, right?

I like the site. They have a lot of pretty cool crafts to do. I also like As you can tell my the name, it also have kid crafts. I hope you find some interesting!

Fun Fact: Ever heard of Kevin Clash? He's a GUY who talks for Elmo on Sesame Street!!!Go to: to learn about him, or go to to hear his interview. Happy Puppeteering and Crafting!!!

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