Friday, April 18, 2014

Chewing Hair

In favor of one of my friends, this is a post about girls who chew their hair.
I know some of you do, some of you don't. This is for those who do.

I bet when you hear this story, you'll stop chewing!

Once there was a girl. (I don't know her name). She always used to chew her hair. I mean, always. One day, she felt really sick. Her parents took her to the doctor. The doctor gave her an X-ray scan on her stomach, sense her stomach felt sickish. "She has large hairballs in her stomach," the doctor had said. There was no way for the girl to get it out, unless she got surgery. Even though she didn't want to, her parents had her do it. When the girl was finished surgery, the girl apparently hadn't learnt her lesson. She went back to chewing her hair again. But her parents saw this, and they contacted the doctor. "The only way for her to stop, is apparently to cut her hair," he'd said. So while the girl slept, her parents cut her hair. And when she woke up, she screamed. And to this day, she always wears a hat. To this day.

This can happen. If you keep chewing and chewing your hair, tiny hair strands go down your throat, even if you don't feel it! And as those tiny strands build up, they become hairballs!

Some people put product in their hair. Oil...shampoo....conditioner. You chew your hair, your eating product! Those products are chemicals for our body. So don't chew your hair!!! So not good for you!!!

I hope this helped! ;)

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