Monday, April 7, 2014


Today I'm writing a post about games.
Games. Toys. Video games. You look in a magazine, and you're like, "WOW, I TOTALLY NEED THAT." Or your online watching a video about it, and their totally hyping it up. Or you see it on the TV, or hear it on the radio, or see it on an ad/commercial. Well, we'll see if you truly need it.
Steps to making sure you really want something:

1. Research, and I mean research. Check ratings and comments that other people did and said. Look at what it does.

2. Ask around. Maybe a friend has it? Maybe you can contact the business and ask them about the product.

3. Wait. Sometimes we just want things because we see it. Wait a little bit. Maybe you'll realize you don't really need it. This happened to me with a Fijit. I waited (only because my parents weren't ready to get me one!), and after some weeks or months, I realized that the Fijit would get pretty boring after a while.

4. Make a list on what the toy/game can do. Is it really what you expected and/or looking for?

5. Make your decision. Do you want the toy/game, or not?

Now, let's remember some games can trick you. They really say the game is all that, but when you get it your totally disappointed because you thought it could do more. (This also happened to me when I was younger with a Tinker Bell Flight Launcher. Man, I thought that thing could actually fly!). So follow the 5 Steps of Deciding and make your final decision.
This is good for people who are terrible at making decisions. It can give you practice. Even if you don't want a toy, take some time out to go through a toy catalog or website and choose which one you kind-of-like-but-don't-want. Compare and contrast (haha, slipping in math homework!!!).

The reason I posted this is because I have ordered the Nintendo 3DS XL. Don't worry, I followed the 5 SOD's (Steps of Deciding) and I'm totally sure I really want it! Here is the link to the page that shows you the comparison of the DS, 2DS, and 3DS. This could give you an idea on how to make yours.

HTH! (Hope This Helped!)

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