Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Surviving In The Wild

Ever plan on going camping, or a nature walk? This is the post for you!

1. Bring lots and lots of water with you. If you finish it before going to sleep, hang a plastic bag on a tree branch. Put the branch leaves inside the bag, then tie it tightly around the branch. By the following morning, you'll find water in the plastic bag!
2. Don't forget to bring a map, a compass, and whistle. If you get lost in the forest, you could always call for help by giving a good blow on your whistle.
3. If you make a camp, don't litter. Nature needs to be respected. And remember that animals could smell your garbage and enter your campsite. Put your trash in a plastic bag and tie it closed tightly. 
4. When you venture into the bush, always bring food with you. If you plan to stay for several days, you can make this Australian recipe I found. '
Fun Fact: Forgot your compass? The sun rises to the east and sets to the west.

1 - 1/4 to 1 - 1/2 cups of milk
4 cups of all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons baking powder
4 teaspoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of butter

1. Preheat oven to 400 F.
2. Sift the all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt into a large mixing bowl. Mix in sugar.
3. Using a pastry blender, put the butter into the flour mixture until it resembles crumbs. Or you can rub the butter mixture using your fingertips.
4. Make a well in the center of the flour mixture. Pour in 1-1/4 cups of milk. Using a wooden spoon, mix well until the mixture pulls away from the sides of the bowl. Add up to 1/4 cups more of milk.
5. Turn the dough out onto a well-floured board and knead until smooth. Shape into a mounded loaf about 7 inches around and about two inches thick. Place on a greased cookie sheet and cut across 1/2 inch deep on top of the loaf.
6. Bake for 25 minutes. Lower temperature to 375 F. Bake 10 to 15 minutes longer until bread is a golden brown color and sounds hollow when tapped. Makes one 7- to 8- inch loaf.
7. Cut, and enjoy!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your bread! :)

Puppeteering and Other Crafts

Ever since I watched that documentary on Netflix, I've been kind of interested in puppeteering.
Puppeteering is a career. You are the life of the puppet. :)
Even though we all know how to make sock puppets, I've been thinking about making the details more intense. This is kind of wacky, but you've gotta take baby steps to get giant steps, right?

I like the site. They have a lot of pretty cool crafts to do. I also like As you can tell my the name, it also have kid crafts. I hope you find some interesting!

Fun Fact: Ever heard of Kevin Clash? He's a GUY who talks for Elmo on Sesame Street!!!Go to: to learn about him, or go to to hear his interview. Happy Puppeteering and Crafting!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Nail Polish... and Being Cautious With It

We all love and wear nail polish. (Well, most of us.)
Many nail polish have chemicals. Lots of them, actually. That's why when the nail polish you've used rubs off, wait a little before putting more on. This is because when you put nail polish on, your nail pores can't breathe. (Yes, your nails have pores!!!) Therefore, when it comes off, your nails scream, "Aahh." I usually wait 3 - 4 days before applying another coat. Sometimes i don't put any on for months!
Natural nail polish is a different story. Their much, much better than regular nail polish. You can find them at stores like Whole Foods. Research places that sell natural polish in your area, or ask your local store manager if they carry any.

Zoya carries non-toxic nail polish. Go to

Tip: Some girls suck their fingers just because, or sometimes they do it after eating food and their fingers are messy. If you know you have this habit, I don't recommend nail polish for you, natural or not!

Friday, April 18, 2014


I bet we all have habits. From the littlest thing of biting your nails to the biggest thing of having no manners, we have them some where along the line. As you get older, people will expect you to have better manners. You shouldn't live up to people's expectations, but I do agree, having good manners are good.

Remember, there is a such thing as good habits. Like helping people whenever they need help.

Here's ways to break them:
Have a piece of paper in your pocket that says, "DON'T (fill in your habit here)!" You can write it in red, if you want.

Try to remember. If you have good memory, it'll be easy for you to remember not to do it.

Pretend there's someone interviewing you. They follow you around all over the place, and their streaming you on Live TV. You wouldn't want to bite your nails on live TV! This tip is good for people who have great imaginations.

Tell family and friends your trying to break your habits. Tell them that if they ever see you doing it, tell you to stop.

Give yourself a punishment every time you do your habit. Don't make it major, but something like, "No chocolate chip cookies for three days."

Chewing Hair

In favor of one of my friends, this is a post about girls who chew their hair.
I know some of you do, some of you don't. This is for those who do.

I bet when you hear this story, you'll stop chewing!

Once there was a girl. (I don't know her name). She always used to chew her hair. I mean, always. One day, she felt really sick. Her parents took her to the doctor. The doctor gave her an X-ray scan on her stomach, sense her stomach felt sickish. "She has large hairballs in her stomach," the doctor had said. There was no way for the girl to get it out, unless she got surgery. Even though she didn't want to, her parents had her do it. When the girl was finished surgery, the girl apparently hadn't learnt her lesson. She went back to chewing her hair again. But her parents saw this, and they contacted the doctor. "The only way for her to stop, is apparently to cut her hair," he'd said. So while the girl slept, her parents cut her hair. And when she woke up, she screamed. And to this day, she always wears a hat. To this day.

This can happen. If you keep chewing and chewing your hair, tiny hair strands go down your throat, even if you don't feel it! And as those tiny strands build up, they become hairballs!

Some people put product in their hair. Oil...shampoo....conditioner. You chew your hair, your eating product! Those products are chemicals for our body. So don't chew your hair!!! So not good for you!!!

I hope this helped! ;)


One word. Exercise.

For some girls, it's hard. We have so much to do, where does the time fit in, right? Here's how you work this:

Plan out your day. I have a post on my  about how to plan out your day. You can go on there to see how to do it. Here is the exact post address:
After you plan out your day, decide what time is good for you. When are you least busiest? Morning, noon, night? Choose one, and exercise then.

Have chores? Use chores not against you, but with you! Let's say you had to....mop the kitchen floor every morning. You can play music and dance while your doing your chores. Like, The Rock. (I made this dance move up! You can too!) You rock your hips side to side, when it goes out, make the mop, mop the floor. When it goes in, lift the mop up. Out, in, up, down. It's really fun. When your washing dishes, you can hold the (example) plate, and work out your arms. Hold it with one hand, and the soapy sponge in the other. Make your hands go back and in. Back, in. While your arms are getting stretched, your washing dishes! When you wash out the sponge, make it a finger exercise. Under warm water, slowly make your fingers expand and close around the sponge.

It's more fun to exercise with friends and family. Call up your friends or family and ask them when their free. You can go to the park and have some fun!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sugar, The Number One Drug

Sugar. It's irresistible. We eat it all the time. Candy, pastries...its even in ketchup. Believe it or not, sugar is a drug. The best-selling drug in the world. You know why it's a drug? It's addictive. Research, you'll see I'm correct.
Though it's OK to eat sugar sometimes, many people eat it a lot, therefore it causes diabetes. You can get diabetes young and old. That's why it's best to consume natural sugar. It will satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are some more ways to do that:

1. Eat fruits. That has sugar, but it's natural. (Don't eat too much of it! A bowl of fruits a day is enough)
2. When your sweet tooth kicks in, eat food. When your craving for sugar, your body is missing some nutrients, whether its iron or just food!
3. Maybe your tired of fruits. Eat nuts. Some nuts, like almonds, have a slightly sweet taste.
4. Eat raisins. (I don't like raisins, but some people do. Fun Fact: Raisins are just dried grapes!)
5. Try to ignore it by getting busy. Dancing, playing outside, etc. Get active!

Hope this helps! :)

The Dirty Truth About....French Fries

We all love french fries. Get 'em from McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Wendy's. Everybody loves them. But these people don't know what their eating....
French fries are potatoes right? So you say, "Mom, give me french fries, their healthy because they have potatoes." Well, those potatoes are ROTTEN. Literally. McDonald's keeps their potatoes there for weeks, and then fry them and season them so they taste super good. Then you drive down the lane, buy it, and eat it. Even if the potatoes were actually fresh, the drown the fries in oil and salt. High cholesterol.

After seeing this, some of you may just keep eating french fries. Others will eat it every once in a while. And the rest of you won't eat it at all.

If you want to participate in Stopping Rotten Potato, share this with as many people as you know.

A Little Silly Story
The French Court:

Judge: Mr. Fri, Ms. Health is accusing you guilty of being ROTTEN. Is this true?
Mr. Fri fidgets in his seat.
Mr. Fri: I cannot deny the fact.
Judge: And, Ms. Health, where do you get the proof of this case that you bring to me?
Ms. Health: I am a spy at McDonald's, and I have seen the files in the manager's office. Couldn't believe my healthy eyes. I decided to see for myself. And there he was, rotten! They bathed him in salt and oil, then shoved him in a bag and sold him to passerby's who came in!
Judge: Well, Mr. Fri, you are proven guilty!


Monday, April 7, 2014


Today I'm writing a post about games.
Games. Toys. Video games. You look in a magazine, and you're like, "WOW, I TOTALLY NEED THAT." Or your online watching a video about it, and their totally hyping it up. Or you see it on the TV, or hear it on the radio, or see it on an ad/commercial. Well, we'll see if you truly need it.
Steps to making sure you really want something:

1. Research, and I mean research. Check ratings and comments that other people did and said. Look at what it does.

2. Ask around. Maybe a friend has it? Maybe you can contact the business and ask them about the product.

3. Wait. Sometimes we just want things because we see it. Wait a little bit. Maybe you'll realize you don't really need it. This happened to me with a Fijit. I waited (only because my parents weren't ready to get me one!), and after some weeks or months, I realized that the Fijit would get pretty boring after a while.

4. Make a list on what the toy/game can do. Is it really what you expected and/or looking for?

5. Make your decision. Do you want the toy/game, or not?

Now, let's remember some games can trick you. They really say the game is all that, but when you get it your totally disappointed because you thought it could do more. (This also happened to me when I was younger with a Tinker Bell Flight Launcher. Man, I thought that thing could actually fly!). So follow the 5 Steps of Deciding and make your final decision.
This is good for people who are terrible at making decisions. It can give you practice. Even if you don't want a toy, take some time out to go through a toy catalog or website and choose which one you kind-of-like-but-don't-want. Compare and contrast (haha, slipping in math homework!!!).

The reason I posted this is because I have ordered the Nintendo 3DS XL. Don't worry, I followed the 5 SOD's (Steps of Deciding) and I'm totally sure I really want it! Here is the link to the page that shows you the comparison of the DS, 2DS, and 3DS. This could give you an idea on how to make yours.

HTH! (Hope This Helped!)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Hiya everyone!
Today my mom went to the Eastern Service Workers Association (ESWA) and helped out there. ESWA helps people with financial problems and gives them produce (vegetables, soups, bread, etc.). When she returned, I decided to do my own little section of helping people, so I went on On Free Rice, you can answer different questions on different subjects. Math, science, history...etc. Then, every time you get an answer right, you send out ten grains of rice to someone homeless or with no food! Answer 100 questions correctly, and they get a free bowl of rice! Tell this to everyone you know. ;) Click this, it will take you to!!!