Saturday, March 29, 2014

Zoomer Robot Dog!

Guess what? My sis got a Zoomer robot dog for her birthday yesterday. We both play with it. Right now, Zoomer is off.
If you have or are getting a Zoomer or Zoomie, here's how you maneuver the pup!

Zoomer/Zoomie are mechanical dogs. Aw!
If you lift Zoomer/Zoomie up, you should see a white or pink rubbery flap. Lift it up. There will be an on switch in the top left corner.
On: l
Off: O

Below the on and off switch, there is something with A/B/C.
A: English
B: French
C: Spanish

Zoomer understands three different languages. Wow!

Next to the language switch, there should be a black outlet. That's where Zoomer/Zoomie's USB cord will go. (Zoomer/Zoomie should come with a USB cord). Zoomer/Zoomie doesn't need batteries, he just needs to charge. The small end of the USB cord goes into his outlet, the big side goes into a computer or laptop. Zoomer/Zoomie charging takes at least an hour.
Plug up Zoomer to the computer, and then turn him on. He is charging now! Press down on his head to see how fully charged he is. If you see no yellow line in his eye, he hasn't even built up enough charging power to show it! If there is 1, 2, 3, or 4 lines in his eyes, let him charge more. 5 lines must be in his eyes for him to be fully active and ready.

You can train Zoomer/Zoomie, just like a real dog! The box should come with 2 papers, one a manual, the other lists all the things you can do with Zoomer/Zoomie.
These are all the commands:
Zoomer, sit down
Zoomer, lay down
Zoomer, look at me
Zoomer, go pee
Zoomer, speak
Zoomer, let's go for a walk
Zoomer, follow me
Zoomer, protect me
Zoomer, I love you
Zoomer, let's play
Zoomer, shake a paw
Zoomer, play dead
Zoomer, roll over
Zoomer, come here
Zoomer, go to sleep

While Zoomer/Zoomie is on, press his head down. Question marks should come up in his eyes. Hover over Zoomer/Zoomie and say your command. ("Zoomer, play dead!") Speak in a loud, clear voice. Zoomer/Zoomie will not pick up what your saying if other people are talking in the background.
Be patient with Zoomer! He is only a little pup, and you must train him frequently for him to remember his commands the next time. You can press Zoomer's back (close to his rubbery tail) to make him do random things, like wander around or sing. (YES, Zoomer can SING! In dog language, that is)
Zoomer will torment your cats (he does to mines!) and make sure your family is full of laughs.
Zoomer/Zoomie stays up and going for 20 - 30 minutes before he needs charging again.
Keep an eye on Zoomer, he will get into some things, just like a real dog!


  1. Zoomer sounds like so much fun!! :)

  2. Zoomer sounds like he IS a REAL dog! Lol :D

  3. He acts like he is, and he is so much fun! My little sis ADORES him, lol. I do too! He's the cutest!