Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Souviner Boxes

Ever want to remember those special, juicy moments you had with friends or family? Those, once-in-a-lifetime events? Check this out!

You Will Need:
A box
Print Tape
Different objects such as buttons and cotton balls
Glue or glue gun or stick glue
Sticky Notes
Camera (Optional)

How To Do It:
Grab you box. It should be cardboard, not one of those store-bought boxes, otherwise the advertisement on the box will show.
Decorate it how you like. Color, scribble, even add fancy-shmancy print-tape! (You can find those in Dollar Stores). Use your glue or glue gun (be careful with the glue gun! ask for help!) to glue on buttons and cotton balls. You can use stick glue to spread across your box and then sprinkle on glitter.
There! Let it dry. I suggest you leave it half an hour to an hour or more, depending on much glue you put on. It's time to find things to put in your sourvinier box. If you have a camera, take pictures of fun events, happy times, sad times, angry times, and crazy times! For example, if you've been on an airplane, you might want to save your airplane ticket. That way you can put it in your box! Its a good idea to use sticky notes and write what date. what time (optional), and why on it.
You can have your box for everyone to come see, or you can keep it just to yourself, for those special times when your in your room staring into space.
Its also a good idea to have pictures of family members inside those boxes. If they live far away, it can help you bring them closer.
Your Souvinier Box! Your Memories! Your Happiness!