Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Old Becomes New, New Becomes Old

Earlier, my mom was looking through the souvenir box (I'll write a post on those). She pulled out different things, like head bands, bracelets, pictures, and old coloring books. Most of them I'd forgotten about, others I didn't even know was there. (I'm wearing one of the headbands right now!)
You might buy something, and think its new and everything, but eventually, it becomes old. This is because the human mind gets tired of doing one thing over and OVER again. It likes change...new things. I bet you do too.
This is just like when you grow up. You might like one color, or one song, or one TV show was a little while or a long time, even. Then you might decide, "Hey, this is getting old. Maybe I should try something new." Some people like the same thing for a long time, and that's O.K. Not everybody's the same.
But some people just hate change, period. This is okay in some ways but bad in others. It would be hard for them to adapt to new things, like if their favorite stores didn't sell their favorite JayJay Ice Cream anymore. Other people must go through bigger and harder changes, like moving out of their state, even the country! (Think of immagrants. They were forced to leave because of religion rights, droughts, etc.) Therefore, if something as little as Ice Cream happens, I suggest you be thankful that it wasn't any big huge thing.

If you did the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY, don't you think you'd get tired of it? Wake up. Eat. Go to school. Eat. Play. Go to school. Go home. Eat. Sleep. Boooooring!

That's why people are always coming up with new trends, new artistic point of views, new everything! You can come up with something new too! Think of what you feel is boring...needs an upgrade. (That's what all these other people did!) Find a way to change it. If it requires a lot of help, work, and materials, ask a grown-up to help you proceed in your plan.

Old Becomes New, New Becomes Old. 

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