Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How To Have the BEST Bath EVER

Hi, my mom told me earlier to go take a bath.
Here is how to make the most relaxing bath ev(er).

1. Fill the bathtub. (Well duh!;)
2. If your mom/dad allows, pour in Epsom salt and/or essential oils like lavender.
3. Play relaxing music like rushing water or choir, or you can just play regular music.
4. Be careful! You can light a candle if you like and take the lights off. (Do not put the candle close to the bathtub or cloth. Ask an adult for help!!!!)
5. I don't know what they are called, but there are these little things (I call them bath fizzers) that fizz when you put them in the bathtub. Try it! SO awesome.
6. Add bubbles, if you'd like. Except, be sure to wash off when your done.
7. Turn the radio on, light the candle, add the bubbles, add the Epsom salt, add the essential oils, drop in your bath fizzer, and jump IN! Enjoy!!!!!