Thursday, March 13, 2014

Getting Ready for PSSAs

As I said in my recent post, PSSAs are coming up, or for some of you, already here. These are some tips:

Before the PSSAs:
1. Study. You wouldn't want to go into the PSSA not knowing anything!
2. REST. Bags under your eyes makes a girl unhealthy and unwise.
3. Eat healthy foods. Brain food (like blueberries and Rasin Bran cereal) can help you think better.
4. Take it easy! Thinking too hard about it will make you nervous.

During the PSSAs:
D: Directions. Follow directions carefully.
E: Examine the question. Make sure you know what your doing.
T: Time. Be sure you have enough time to try, check, and revise.
E: Elimination. Use the process of elimination, if you must.
R: Reread and revise your work. Make sure you have followed the directions and chose the answer you feel is correct.
(If your not sure about one question, you can guess, use the process of elimination, or skip it and come back later. Make sure you have enough time to come back later!)

After the PSSAs:
Relax! Go to a favorite resteraunt, go to the movies, your finished! You took the test, your out and about, your extraordinary! Do your favorite thing to do, congratulate yourself! You did it!

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  1. These are really great tips!!! I'm taking Stanford 10 in April :/ Not too excited about that...