Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brain Organization

I'm guessing some of you have your brains going out-of-whack with things to do. Sometimes it feels like there's so much to do, and you won't ever get it all done, right? Especially with these PSSA tests coming up.

For an Organized Girl (OG for short):
Grab a pencil, or pen, and piece of paper. If your a visual person, list all the things you need to do right then and there. Number them, and put check boxes at the end of each one. After you complete one, check it off. This strategy really helps me. You can hang up the paper somewhere where you're sure to see it. If your ain-work, list out all the things you must do in your head.

For a Free-Willed Girl (FWG for short):
Don't even think about all the things you need to do! Listing it in your brain will just get you tired and worn out. Just think of one thing you need to do right now. Do it, and then do the next thing you must do. Keep going until you have completed everything.

It's good to relax before tests. Scroll down and look for my Relax post, and follow the tips. Signing out!

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