Saturday, March 29, 2014

Zoomer Robot Dog!

Guess what? My sis got a Zoomer robot dog for her birthday yesterday. We both play with it. Right now, Zoomer is off.
If you have or are getting a Zoomer or Zoomie, here's how you maneuver the pup!

Zoomer/Zoomie are mechanical dogs. Aw!
If you lift Zoomer/Zoomie up, you should see a white or pink rubbery flap. Lift it up. There will be an on switch in the top left corner.
On: l
Off: O

Below the on and off switch, there is something with A/B/C.
A: English
B: French
C: Spanish

Zoomer understands three different languages. Wow!

Next to the language switch, there should be a black outlet. That's where Zoomer/Zoomie's USB cord will go. (Zoomer/Zoomie should come with a USB cord). Zoomer/Zoomie doesn't need batteries, he just needs to charge. The small end of the USB cord goes into his outlet, the big side goes into a computer or laptop. Zoomer/Zoomie charging takes at least an hour.
Plug up Zoomer to the computer, and then turn him on. He is charging now! Press down on his head to see how fully charged he is. If you see no yellow line in his eye, he hasn't even built up enough charging power to show it! If there is 1, 2, 3, or 4 lines in his eyes, let him charge more. 5 lines must be in his eyes for him to be fully active and ready.

You can train Zoomer/Zoomie, just like a real dog! The box should come with 2 papers, one a manual, the other lists all the things you can do with Zoomer/Zoomie.
These are all the commands:
Zoomer, sit down
Zoomer, lay down
Zoomer, look at me
Zoomer, go pee
Zoomer, speak
Zoomer, let's go for a walk
Zoomer, follow me
Zoomer, protect me
Zoomer, I love you
Zoomer, let's play
Zoomer, shake a paw
Zoomer, play dead
Zoomer, roll over
Zoomer, come here
Zoomer, go to sleep

While Zoomer/Zoomie is on, press his head down. Question marks should come up in his eyes. Hover over Zoomer/Zoomie and say your command. ("Zoomer, play dead!") Speak in a loud, clear voice. Zoomer/Zoomie will not pick up what your saying if other people are talking in the background.
Be patient with Zoomer! He is only a little pup, and you must train him frequently for him to remember his commands the next time. You can press Zoomer's back (close to his rubbery tail) to make him do random things, like wander around or sing. (YES, Zoomer can SING! In dog language, that is)
Zoomer will torment your cats (he does to mines!) and make sure your family is full of laughs.
Zoomer/Zoomie stays up and going for 20 - 30 minutes before he needs charging again.
Keep an eye on Zoomer, he will get into some things, just like a real dog!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How To Have the BEST Bath EVER

Hi, my mom told me earlier to go take a bath.
Here is how to make the most relaxing bath ev(er).

1. Fill the bathtub. (Well duh!;)
2. If your mom/dad allows, pour in Epsom salt and/or essential oils like lavender.
3. Play relaxing music like rushing water or choir, or you can just play regular music.
4. Be careful! You can light a candle if you like and take the lights off. (Do not put the candle close to the bathtub or cloth. Ask an adult for help!!!!)
5. I don't know what they are called, but there are these little things (I call them bath fizzers) that fizz when you put them in the bathtub. Try it! SO awesome.
6. Add bubbles, if you'd like. Except, be sure to wash off when your done.
7. Turn the radio on, light the candle, add the bubbles, add the Epsom salt, add the essential oils, drop in your bath fizzer, and jump IN! Enjoy!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Months and Personalities

If your birthday is in January, your Brave. 
If your birthday is in February, your Loving.
If your birthday is in March, your Hopeful.
If your birthday is in April, your Curious.
If your birthday is in May, your Happy.
If your birthday is in June, Cozy.
If your birthday is in July, your Cheerful.
If your birthday is in August, your Playful. 
If your birthday is in September, your Friendly.
If your birthday is in October, your Loyal.
If your birthday is in November, your Kind.
If your birthday is in December, your Sweet.

Remember, this may not really determine your personality, its just a opinion.

March is the month of hopefulness! Be hopeful for your dreams, hopefully reach for the stars!

Souviner Boxes

Ever want to remember those special, juicy moments you had with friends or family? Those, once-in-a-lifetime events? Check this out!

You Will Need:
A box
Print Tape
Different objects such as buttons and cotton balls
Glue or glue gun or stick glue
Sticky Notes
Camera (Optional)

How To Do It:
Grab you box. It should be cardboard, not one of those store-bought boxes, otherwise the advertisement on the box will show.
Decorate it how you like. Color, scribble, even add fancy-shmancy print-tape! (You can find those in Dollar Stores). Use your glue or glue gun (be careful with the glue gun! ask for help!) to glue on buttons and cotton balls. You can use stick glue to spread across your box and then sprinkle on glitter.
There! Let it dry. I suggest you leave it half an hour to an hour or more, depending on much glue you put on. It's time to find things to put in your sourvinier box. If you have a camera, take pictures of fun events, happy times, sad times, angry times, and crazy times! For example, if you've been on an airplane, you might want to save your airplane ticket. That way you can put it in your box! Its a good idea to use sticky notes and write what date. what time (optional), and why on it.
You can have your box for everyone to come see, or you can keep it just to yourself, for those special times when your in your room staring into space.
Its also a good idea to have pictures of family members inside those boxes. If they live far away, it can help you bring them closer.
Your Souvinier Box! Your Memories! Your Happiness!

Old Becomes New, New Becomes Old

Earlier, my mom was looking through the souvenir box (I'll write a post on those). She pulled out different things, like head bands, bracelets, pictures, and old coloring books. Most of them I'd forgotten about, others I didn't even know was there. (I'm wearing one of the headbands right now!)
You might buy something, and think its new and everything, but eventually, it becomes old. This is because the human mind gets tired of doing one thing over and OVER again. It likes things. I bet you do too.
This is just like when you grow up. You might like one color, or one song, or one TV show was a little while or a long time, even. Then you might decide, "Hey, this is getting old. Maybe I should try something new." Some people like the same thing for a long time, and that's O.K. Not everybody's the same.
But some people just hate change, period. This is okay in some ways but bad in others. It would be hard for them to adapt to new things, like if their favorite stores didn't sell their favorite JayJay Ice Cream anymore. Other people must go through bigger and harder changes, like moving out of their state, even the country! (Think of immagrants. They were forced to leave because of religion rights, droughts, etc.) Therefore, if something as little as Ice Cream happens, I suggest you be thankful that it wasn't any big huge thing.

If you did the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY, don't you think you'd get tired of it? Wake up. Eat. Go to school. Eat. Play. Go to school. Go home. Eat. Sleep. Boooooring!

That's why people are always coming up with new trends, new artistic point of views, new everything! You can come up with something new too! Think of what you feel is boring...needs an upgrade. (That's what all these other people did!) Find a way to change it. If it requires a lot of help, work, and materials, ask a grown-up to help you proceed in your plan.

Old Becomes New, New Becomes Old. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Craft Stick Catapult

Calling all crafters! Calling all crafters!

What You'll Need:
1. 7 craft sticks
2. 4 rubber bands
3. Bottle cap or tiny paper cup (you can find these at coffee shops)
4. Hot glue (maybe a hot glue gun) or double-sided sticky tape
5. Mini-marshmallows or other soft, small items.

What To Do:
1. Stack five sticks together and wrap a rubber band around each end
2.Take the remaining two sticks and wrap a rubber band around only one end. (Make sure this rubber band wrap is very, VERY tight).
3. Slide the first bundle of five sticks in between the two bundles to make your catapult hold together. It's almost like the two sticks are eating the five sticks! (This is why the two sticks had to be wrapped tightly together at one end).
4. Criss cross a rubber band where the two bundles meet to hold your catapult together. 
5. Glue or stick the bottle cap or tiny paper cup to the top stick.
6. Place a mini-marshmallow or whatever other object into the bottle cap or tiny paper cup. Hold down the top stick, release, and watch the object soar through the air! 

More Websites!

Hi! I have found some more super cool websites for you guys, check it out!

1. (You'll have to pay $4.99 a month to post comments and stuff, but you can still read posts for free. Believe me, $4.99 is cheap, compared to how much the offer!).
2. (keep in touch with close yet far away friends and/or relatives!)

I pretty much maxed out all my websites on my other Websites post. Lol, until next time, webs!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Getting Ready for PSSAs

As I said in my recent post, PSSAs are coming up, or for some of you, already here. These are some tips:

Before the PSSAs:
1. Study. You wouldn't want to go into the PSSA not knowing anything!
2. REST. Bags under your eyes makes a girl unhealthy and unwise.
3. Eat healthy foods. Brain food (like blueberries and Rasin Bran cereal) can help you think better.
4. Take it easy! Thinking too hard about it will make you nervous.

During the PSSAs:
D: Directions. Follow directions carefully.
E: Examine the question. Make sure you know what your doing.
T: Time. Be sure you have enough time to try, check, and revise.
E: Elimination. Use the process of elimination, if you must.
R: Reread and revise your work. Make sure you have followed the directions and chose the answer you feel is correct.
(If your not sure about one question, you can guess, use the process of elimination, or skip it and come back later. Make sure you have enough time to come back later!)

After the PSSAs:
Relax! Go to a favorite resteraunt, go to the movies, your finished! You took the test, your out and about, your extraordinary! Do your favorite thing to do, congratulate yourself! You did it!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brain Organization

I'm guessing some of you have your brains going out-of-whack with things to do. Sometimes it feels like there's so much to do, and you won't ever get it all done, right? Especially with these PSSA tests coming up.

For an Organized Girl (OG for short):
Grab a pencil, or pen, and piece of paper. If your a visual person, list all the things you need to do right then and there. Number them, and put check boxes at the end of each one. After you complete one, check it off. This strategy really helps me. You can hang up the paper somewhere where you're sure to see it. If your ain-work, list out all the things you must do in your head.

For a Free-Willed Girl (FWG for short):
Don't even think about all the things you need to do! Listing it in your brain will just get you tired and worn out. Just think of one thing you need to do right now. Do it, and then do the next thing you must do. Keep going until you have completed everything.

It's good to relax before tests. Scroll down and look for my Relax post, and follow the tips. Signing out!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Debate Club

Hi everyone, I have started a friendly debate club. If you would like to join, email me. The site is:

You can leave a comment to each debate topic, if you'd like. TTFN! ;D

Thursday, March 6, 2014

How To Make Glitter Nail Polish

This craft is easy and fun. :D

What you'll need:
A bottle of nail polish
Fine glitter
Your nails
Your hands

How to do it:
First, lay out the newspaper on the floor or table. Unscrew the bottle of nail polish and CAREFULLY pour in the glitter. You can put as much as you'd like, but don't let it overflow. Put the cap back on the bottle and shake. Shake, shake, shake.
Apply! Your nails will look glittery and beautiful.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How To Write an Awesome Poem

I like writing poems. It's fun. I even have a poem book (you can start one too). I'm going to tell you how to write easy-peasy poems.

First, think of what you want to write about. If you can't think of anything, think of what you don't like and what you do like. Choose which one you want to write about. If you can't do that either, get some sticky notes. Scribble down the first word that comes to your brain. Stick it on a desk or wall. Scribble down more words on stickies, about three - four more times. Look at the stickies on the wall. Get your book of scrap paper. Start writing. Say you wrote, Chocolate, Apple, Caramel. You could write, I like chocolate. Dipped with caramel. While Mama's at the Water Well, I eat caramel!
See? Not that hard, huh? It doesn't even have to rhyme. You can go so far to making up a poem that has words that don't exist! Such as the one below.

I went criss-crosseros
Across the rhineserous
What about the floserous
I inside the saucerous?

See? Not that hard, huh? Its okay if poem writing isn't your thing, it's not meant for everybody. :D

Diary Do's and Don'ts

Have a diary? Want a diary? Here are basic guidelines of what to do and what to not do.

1. Don't write in your diary if your angry. You might write something you'll regret later.
2. Don't write hurtful words about other people. If they find it, you could hurt their feelings.
3. Don't put it in a easy-to-find place. Put it somewhere where only you can find it.
4. Don't stress yourself out about writing in this thing every day. No biggie! Just make sure you have your diary catch up on the interesting stuff that happened. If you don't want to, that's fine.

4. Do write down what happened in your days. It'll be fun to look back at it later and laugh! Write the silly stuff, the bad stuff, and the happy stuff.
5. Tip: You can write to your favorite Disney character, or whoever you want! You could put, Dear Tinker Bell, or whoever. But if you don't want to, you can just leave it as, Dear Diary, or don't write any dears at all!
6. Do write in your diary somewhere isolated. But not for too long, or someone will start getting suspicious.

Do's and Don'ts! Don'ts and Do's! Hope this helps, you, you, YOU!

Goddess Quiz

Into mythology? Like goddesses and gods? Here's a quiz to show you which one you are. You can copy and paste this onto a document and print it out, so you can circle yes or no. Or you can just take the test in your brain!

Do you hater spiders?
Yes      No

Do you like growing things?
Yes         No

Would you like setting people up on a date?
Yes     No

Do you like rainbows?
Yes      No

Do you like fighting?
Yes       No

Are you wise?
Yes       No

Do you like the night time?
Yes       No

Do you like building things?
Yes        No

Are you a leader?
Yes       No

Do you like love?
Yes        No

Do you like gossiping?
Yes         No

If you picked Yes for Do you like love and Would you want to set someone up on a date, you are Aphrodite, Goddess of Love!
If you picked Yes for Are you wise, you are Athena, Goddess of Wisdom!
If you picked Yes for Do you like growing things, you are Persephone, Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld!
If you picked Yes for Do you like fighting, you are Artemis, Goddess of Hunting and War!
If you picked Yes for Do you like gossiping, you are Pheme, Goddess of Fame and Wisdom!

And that was the quiz. Smiles! :)