Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My New Club

This is just a notification to all of you that I am starting a new club called Green Squad. I am going to rename it something like Gold Eagle Lineage or Rainbow Cloud Lineage, but for now its that. I might start a new blog for my club, just so all who's in it can know what's going on. My club won't be starting until somewhere around March through April. Stay tuned to learn more! Post a comment below or email me if you'd like to join Green Squad.
If I do start a new blog, I will definitely put the web address on here.

Here is what Green Squad will do:

We will do things ecofriendly, like planting seeds, making Kalis sticks, and learning the Kalis dance. Me and my group will try making our own club drink or something. Also, my club will have a godmother. The godmother is my mom. My mom will watch over the club and guide us if we need help. Unlike the Book Club, this club has no positions. Also, my club will have nature code names, like Daffodil or Birdie. Bye for now!

Btw, pleeeeeeeeeease check out www.fairygodmotheracademy.com. Its an awesome site! ♥♥♥

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