Thursday, February 20, 2014


I have tons of good news!
Number one, my Gentle Wolves Lineage club is starting in two weeks. I have just posted a brand new post on it, so please check!
Number two, Happy Belated Valentine's Day!
Number three, I'm moving soon! Somewhere in July, my parents say. I can't wait! Here is a tip of advice I'll give you about moving.

Don't panic.
You think moving is horrible and terrible? Boy, are you wrong! Yes, there are some downsides to moving. But though you'll miss your neighborhood and friends, you can always visit! I know visiting and living there aren't the same things.
Three ways to stay close and in touch are 1. Write letters. 2. Call. 3. Go on Skype is a free system you can install that let's you video chat with your friends. Ask an adult before installing, and you must have a webcam to do this.
There are some upsides to moving as well. 1. You'll get a chance to meet new friends. 2. You'll get to live in a brand-new-and-improved house! Yipee! 2. You'll get to meet new neighbors. Who knows? Maybe one of your neighbors cook great homemade pizza....
Fitting in at school? Don't worry about that! True friends well except you for who you really are at the heart of it.
If your parents plan to have you and your sibling (if you have one) share a room, sleeping probably won't be so hard. But if your sleeping in your own room, it might just take a while to get used to it. If your scared of the dark (which is perfectly fine! everyone has their fears somewhere along the line), try getting a night light. And if you don't think your too old, a stuffed animal.
Sometimes curling up and/or holding something like a smooth pebble can help you go to sleep as well.
I. Can't. Wait. To. Move! (Hey neighbor, I'm coming for your pizza!) :-D

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