Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fitting In

Are you a not fitting in at school? Everyone thinks your simply crazy?
Here's a way to get over it.
1. Does everyone laugh at what you do? Ha! Let them think what they think. Once you feel good with it, it's cool. (This doesn't mean you can do what you want! Some things have rules you must follow).

2. Do what feels right. Don't let people walk over you like a doormat! Your not a fish that is going to be reeled in! You are smart, and you know when a person is trying to use you.

3. Bullies aren't tolerated, period. Tell a grown-up IMMEDIATELY when interfered with one. It is best to do this, so that the bully won't keep messing with you.

4. Want to make friends? All those you call you names or be mean, their not your friends! If they were, they wouldn't do any such thing! A real friend would like you for who you truly are.

5. Don't be a servant! If someone tries to boss you around, don't put up with it! They need to learn their place.

6. If someone pranks you, try not to get them back. Though you want to do it with all your heart, don't. Sometimes pranks go way too far, and someone can get badly hurt. And anyway, you don't want enemies! We are all one love, man, one love. ;)

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