Friday, February 28, 2014

Basic Hair Tips

Hi girls. These are some tips I got from (please check this website out).

Basic Hair Tips:

HAIR: Less is more. Use a good shampoo but don’t overdo it, and make sure you rinse thoroughly. Use a little bit of conditioner if your hair is tangled, but not much. Use a comb to get the tangles out and then a brush to touch up before school.
2) FACE: Wash your face with cold water every morning and before bed. If you have acne, don’t use something harsh that can be hard on sensitive skin. I recommend using Jurlique Calendula Lotion because it gets rid of breakouts quickly and is gentle on your skin. Don’t use cover-up unless you’re breaking out really bad, ’cause a lot of times it just makes pimples more obvious.
3) LIPS: Use a lip balm if your lips are dry. I recommend an unscented one for before bed so the smell doesn’t linger. Then use a lightly scented one (I like the pomegranate Carmex) for school.
4) MAKEUP: I don’t really wear much makeup ’cause I go for more of a natural look, but if you’re going to a party I recommend pink lip gloss and a smidge of blush.
5) PERFUME: I’m not big on perfume either. For a little freshening up before school, it might sound strange, but I recommend dabbing a teeny bit of toothpaste on your wrist. Then rinse it off and the minty essence will stick around.

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