Friday, February 28, 2014

Being Sick

Who likes to be sick? Not me! Some tips for

1. If you’re wondering what you should drink, I like Gatorade and Sprite/Sierra Mist. Gatorade keeps you hydrated and it make you feel better. Sprite/Sierra Mist makes your throat feel better.

2. Do you have to take a nasty medicine instead of pills (my doctor said that liquid works faster than pills so he gave me a prescription for the liquid Tamiflu, bummer). If you really don’t want to take it, have somebody to count down from ten and when they get to zero, take the medicine. I know it sounds weird, but it works for me.

3. Rest a lot. I have claimed our small couch for me when I’m sick. If you have the flu it’s really important to rest.

4. Have ways to entertain yourself. I read, play on my laptop or tablet, watch T.V., and listen to music. You don’t want to be bored while sick!!!


More great tips for

How to De-Stress:
  1. Exercise! Playing a sport, having a dance session in your living room, or even walking are great ways to de-stress.
  2. Read! Dive into a good book, it’ll keep your mind on the story and off your stress!
  3. Create! Try cooking, knitting, making music, writing a story, painting… anything to get your creativity flowing! It’ll give you something fun to focus on. :)
  4. Talk it out! It’s easier to figure out problem if you talk about them! Tell your family and friends about what you’re stressed about and why, or even write it down in a letter or diary.
  5. The best thing about these de-stressing activities? They’ll actually help you with your school stuff later because you’ll feel better, be refreshed and refocused. Cool, right?

Basic Hair Tips

Hi girls. These are some tips I got from (please check this website out).

Basic Hair Tips:

HAIR: Less is more. Use a good shampoo but don’t overdo it, and make sure you rinse thoroughly. Use a little bit of conditioner if your hair is tangled, but not much. Use a comb to get the tangles out and then a brush to touch up before school.
2) FACE: Wash your face with cold water every morning and before bed. If you have acne, don’t use something harsh that can be hard on sensitive skin. I recommend using Jurlique Calendula Lotion because it gets rid of breakouts quickly and is gentle on your skin. Don’t use cover-up unless you’re breaking out really bad, ’cause a lot of times it just makes pimples more obvious.
3) LIPS: Use a lip balm if your lips are dry. I recommend an unscented one for before bed so the smell doesn’t linger. Then use a lightly scented one (I like the pomegranate Carmex) for school.
4) MAKEUP: I don’t really wear much makeup ’cause I go for more of a natural look, but if you’re going to a party I recommend pink lip gloss and a smidge of blush.
5) PERFUME: I’m not big on perfume either. For a little freshening up before school, it might sound strange, but I recommend dabbing a teeny bit of toothpaste on your wrist. Then rinse it off and the minty essence will stick around.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fitting In

Are you a not fitting in at school? Everyone thinks your simply crazy?
Here's a way to get over it.
1. Does everyone laugh at what you do? Ha! Let them think what they think. Once you feel good with it, it's cool. (This doesn't mean you can do what you want! Some things have rules you must follow).

2. Do what feels right. Don't let people walk over you like a doormat! Your not a fish that is going to be reeled in! You are smart, and you know when a person is trying to use you.

3. Bullies aren't tolerated, period. Tell a grown-up IMMEDIATELY when interfered with one. It is best to do this, so that the bully won't keep messing with you.

4. Want to make friends? All those you call you names or be mean, their not your friends! If they were, they wouldn't do any such thing! A real friend would like you for who you truly are.

5. Don't be a servant! If someone tries to boss you around, don't put up with it! They need to learn their place.

6. If someone pranks you, try not to get them back. Though you want to do it with all your heart, don't. Sometimes pranks go way too far, and someone can get badly hurt. And anyway, you don't want enemies! We are all one love, man, one love. ;)


I have tons of good news!
Number one, my Gentle Wolves Lineage club is starting in two weeks. I have just posted a brand new post on it, so please check!
Number two, Happy Belated Valentine's Day!
Number three, I'm moving soon! Somewhere in July, my parents say. I can't wait! Here is a tip of advice I'll give you about moving.

Don't panic.
You think moving is horrible and terrible? Boy, are you wrong! Yes, there are some downsides to moving. But though you'll miss your neighborhood and friends, you can always visit! I know visiting and living there aren't the same things.
Three ways to stay close and in touch are 1. Write letters. 2. Call. 3. Go on Skype is a free system you can install that let's you video chat with your friends. Ask an adult before installing, and you must have a webcam to do this.
There are some upsides to moving as well. 1. You'll get a chance to meet new friends. 2. You'll get to live in a brand-new-and-improved house! Yipee! 2. You'll get to meet new neighbors. Who knows? Maybe one of your neighbors cook great homemade pizza....
Fitting in at school? Don't worry about that! True friends well except you for who you really are at the heart of it.
If your parents plan to have you and your sibling (if you have one) share a room, sleeping probably won't be so hard. But if your sleeping in your own room, it might just take a while to get used to it. If your scared of the dark (which is perfectly fine! everyone has their fears somewhere along the line), try getting a night light. And if you don't think your too old, a stuffed animal.
Sometimes curling up and/or holding something like a smooth pebble can help you go to sleep as well.
I. Can't. Wait. To. Move! (Hey neighbor, I'm coming for your pizza!) :-D

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My New Club

This is just a notification to all of you that I am starting a new club called Green Squad. I am going to rename it something like Gold Eagle Lineage or Rainbow Cloud Lineage, but for now its that. I might start a new blog for my club, just so all who's in it can know what's going on. My club won't be starting until somewhere around March through April. Stay tuned to learn more! Post a comment below or email me if you'd like to join Green Squad.
If I do start a new blog, I will definitely put the web address on here.

Here is what Green Squad will do:

We will do things ecofriendly, like planting seeds, making Kalis sticks, and learning the Kalis dance. Me and my group will try making our own club drink or something. Also, my club will have a godmother. The godmother is my mom. My mom will watch over the club and guide us if we need help. Unlike the Book Club, this club has no positions. Also, my club will have nature code names, like Daffodil or Birdie. Bye for now!

Btw, pleeeeeeeeeease check out Its an awesome site! ♥♥♥

Monday, February 3, 2014


Hello all my girls!
I have a wonderful craft for you guys to do! (Drum roll please! What? The drum roll people quit?! And after all I've done for them, they leave me like this! Aargh! I'll do my OWN drum roll, thank you very much) it is!

You will need these materials:
1. Glow stick(s)
2. A jar
5. Scissors
6. Glitter

This is how you do it:
1. Get a jar and a glow stick
2. Cut open the glow stick
3. Empty all the glow stuff that's inside the glow stick into the jar
4. Sprinkle glitter into the jar
5. Close and shake
6. Turn the lights off and ENJOY!!!!!

I don't recommend keeping this inside your room when you sleep, otherwise you'll be staring at it all night! Anyway, I hope you guys like it!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


I know some of you girls want some new websites to try out, well today's your lucky day! I will give you a list of websites that are what I use personally. (The ones with the apostrophe's next to them are my favorites).

1. *
2. *
4. *
8. www. girlstart. org
9. *
16. *
20. *
21. *
25. (this one is kind of for the younger girls)

I hope you enjoy these resources! (Remember, always get up and be active! Don't stay on the computer for too long!) :-) Until next time, cheerio!