Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Additions and Siblings athe Family

Any of you guys getting a new baby brother or sister? Maybe twins? Or do you already have a bro or sis? Maybe their younger or older? Pull them to the computer for a sec, and both of you read this.

For siblings or bro and sis or sisters or brothers:

Okay, so both of you might think your all enemy-ish, but you guys are family. If you saw your family is danger, their life could depend on it, would you stand there, laugh, and call them a dopey head? You may say yes, but deep down, I know you like each other. Also, think about your mom and dad. Think about how hard it must be for them. How sad they must get when you and you sibling fight. But don't just stop fighting for them. Do it for yourselves as well. For the prima divas, arguing isn't good for your temper level, ya know. So anyway, there will be arguments between you and your sibling, of course. You may get angry, or you may call each other small names, or you may even hit. But the older one should know to separate the fight and end it. If you have an older sibling and your about 8 and up, you should try to end it as well. And make sure you watch your words. You may get really angry and go through the roof, but when your dealing with younger kids, you can easily hurt their feelings. Sometimes badly. Sometimes temporarily. So it's good to keep arguments simple and short. And when it comes to pulling pranks for payback, that means you and your arguer went way to far. Pranks in arguments can lead to someone getting badly hurt, physically and/or emotionally. 

New Babies: Expecting:

Your mama might be expecting a child. Or she/he might be already in the crib. When your mom is expecting, there are lots of preparations for baby. You think that's busy? Wait till baby comes! Anyway, if your happy, good. You can ask your parents what needs to be done, and what they need help with. If they don't need help with anything, enjoy being out of service. Enjoy the quietness. All that will be gone pretty soon. But this is no meaning to get sad and angry the baby is coming. It just means your house will have a little commotion going on. The best part about baby coming is the shopping! At least that's what I think. You can help pick strollers, and baby clothes, and things like that. 

New Babies: When They're Here:
When baby comes, once she's old enough, you'll be able to hold her, feed her sometimes, and play with her! You'll love seeing her develop and grow. Babies make the funniest faces and do the funniest things, so you'll be filled with laughter. The diaper changing part is just UCK, so uck. Do NOT think your parents don't love you anymore, and they don't even know you exist. They DO love you, equally you and your baby are loved unconditionally. It's just that babies are new and fragile to this world, therefore they require more attention than we do. They can't do much for themselves, so we must provide for them and protect them. Sometimes babies crying can annoy us, but we just hafta learn to work through it. When a baby is a newborn, you might not get to hold him/her. That's only because the baby is very, very, very, VERY fragile. Goochy goo! With it's wrinkly skin, the baby can barely sit up! Barely move an arm! And you know why? The baby doesn't even know it has and can do those things! She/he doesn't know it has a arm, leg, nose, etc! By touching the babies different parts, they learn whats there. Next, they upgrade into learning different abilities on using them. Talking is my favorite stage that babies do! (How do I know all those? PA-toof! I have two sisters, one's a baby and one's a 5-year-old!)


Does your family argue a lot? Doesn't spend time together? You can take charge on that! Make a family calendar. First, you must set times and dates on the calendar. Schedule a family meeting. You can have that once every week. At family meetings, you can talk about things you could try doing with the family. Everyone could share their opinions, and you could have a Family Meeting book, where you write down everyone's ideas. At family meetings, discuss when you can have Family Night's (or Family Day's, if nighttime doesn't work for your family). In Family Night, you do fun activities with the family. Dance, sing, read, draw, play Monopoly, watch movies...the list is endless!  

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