Sunday, December 22, 2013


Hello there, bookworms!
For all you girls who love to read, these are some good tips for you!

If you are usually reading, when your not doing schoolwork or homework, here are some good tips on how to set the 'mood'.

1. Get into a room you feel comfortable in. That might be you bedroom, the dining room, or even the kitchen! You can sit on the couch, floor, bed, cushions, or pillows. Grab a sheet and a fave stuffed animal, if you have one.

2. To me, I think it's super smart to bring all the stuff you'll need into your cozy hole. That might be snacks (don't get it all over the floor if your in a bedroom!), pencil and paper, or piles of magazines and books. Then you wouldn't have to get up every minute and UN-set the mood.

3. If you're in a noisy room, try to block all the action out, and focus on what's happening in the book. But don't block out all the voices so much, that you don't hear your own mother calling you!

4. If it makes you even more comfortable, try reading with friends, family, or siblings. You can even start your very own book club, and meet up once a week (I'll speak about that in another post).

Those are my tips, I hope they are helpful to you. Also, we cannot leave technology out, now can we? I have this good website called, You can keep track of the books you read and want to read. When you mark off the books you HAVE read, you can write a description on what you think about it. You can even start discussions with other people about books. Then you'll have a friends list, and you can invite other people to Goodreads. Once you have made enough selections, Goodreads can give you book recommendations. That's all I have for now. Bye!

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