Sunday, December 22, 2013

Book Club

Remember I said I'd write a post about book clubs? Well here it is!

First of all, you need members. Find some friends who are into reading, just like you. Next, you'll need to have positions. Your closest friends can be secretary or vice president. Sense you are president, you decide who gets what position.

A Name:
The hardest part is choosing a snappy name. If you want something original, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT MAKE THE NAME HAVE THE WORD GIRLS IN IT. Almost every name uses the word girls. If your club includes boys, I especially recommend don't use the word girls. Choose something like The Books Beckons. 

When and Where:
Now you need to choose when and what time to meet up. Try on a Saturday. If a Saturday doesn't work for most of the people in your club, your next objective Sunday. Usually people go to church on Sunday. So, if Sunday nor Saturday doesn't work, try a weekday, but make it at least at 4:00, so everyone will have a chance to settle in from school. Also, you need to find a place to meet. Make sure its roomy enough so all of you can fit. (Also, make sure no one has allergies to pets. If someone does happen to have allergies to a pet you or someone else has, its time to switch location!).

Once all of that is covered, you'll need to work on the topic. Sense you are president, you and your vice president will need to find a topic about every 2-3 weeks. First of all, once you have a book, you need to come up with finance. It's either you put together all of your allowance money with the other kids, plead your parents, or make a side job to bring it in. When you have the books, give the kids about two weeks (depends on how thick the book is), to read it. Then come back and discuss the book with everyone.

This is another part of Book Club that needs finance. But the least parents can do is provide something for the kids to eat. Before you serve anything, find out if any of your members have allergies to any foods. You don't want anyone sneezing their head off!


  1. Nice tips on how do make a Book Club.

    - Mackenzie

  2. Thanks. If your planning on doing a Book Club, try it out. Also, keep checking in for more posts! :-)