Saturday, November 16, 2013

Winter: Snow Princesses

Can you believe it's almost winter? Amazing. I don't like winter that much, only because of the coldness. But, there are other things I DO like about winter. One, you can go ice skating, skiing, or sledding. But there's one thing, and only one, that makes winter special. And that one thing is...building snow princesses! So, let's get creative here. Instead of a carrot for the nose, we could use, hmmm, a celery stick? OK, that's somewhere. But, what about the shirt? No, no rocks. Too ordinary. How about, buttons?! Perfect. Okay, we're getting better. Now we go to the head. A blue stitched hat? Definitely NOT! A pretend tiara would be grand. (You can find that at a dollar store). Last but not least, the arms. What will we do with those? Keep them as sticks of course! But lookie here, not ordinary sticks. We are going to paint the sticks (in whatever color you want), and if your daring enough, you can even stick stickers! Picture that in your head, or even draw it out on paper, and decide if that would be perfect for a snow princess. If you have any ideas, post them as comments below, I'd really appreciate it. Snowy wishes everyone!!!

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