Thursday, November 28, 2013

D.I.Y: Celebrating Birthdays

My little sisters birthday is coming up (February), and I began to think on how to make it the absolute best. Then, of course, I came on here and began to type up how to make a birthday to best. And that's what I'm doing now.

People love it when you get crafty, instead of using things bought from the store, but some think it looks junky. Its up to YOU. Don't think of what other people might think of you, but do what makes you happy. So, if you want to make a handmade sign and card, wonderful! If you want to buy it, look for what your friend likes. As for games, here are a few of my favorites:
1. Marco Polo
2. Freeze tag
3. Olympics (if your in a park, run up and down the obstacles and make it a obstacle course)
4. Musical chairs
5. Swing it around (wrap up something. like a big chocolate bar super duper good, with tons of layers and pass it around. once you get it, you have to try to rip it open. you have to pass it when a grown up says pass, no matter where you've reached. then the next person does the same and it goes in a circle).
6. Guess how many (pour a lot of something, such as candy, into a jar. have everyone just how much is in the jar. whoever comes closest to the exact number gets the whole jar of it).
7. (Save the best for last!) Food Art (Get different types of food and paper plates. Make faces, rainbows, or whatever you want!)
8. (This is for if it's an Only Girls party). Have a Fashion Show! (Create your own style out of crafty stuff around the house. You can even ask your friends to bring not-being-used white T-shirts to draw on and model. If you want it to be a competition, choose some grown-ups or girls to be judges. Whoevers' the most craftiest wins!)

For food, which is my favorite part, choose your friends favorite! If he/she likes pizza, get pizza, and have a side dish like fries and fish, oh, and make sure you have something healthy, like a salad. And that's pretty much it. You can add a bit of your taste to the party as well. Here is a website with a little more info. ;-)

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